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Milestone I - Production Ready

First goal for the ODF@WWW effort must be, to "release" something which has been properly checked-in and which has some kind of feature set, which seems to be usable. It is not yet ;-) the goal to conquer the world, but just to get the basics in place.

Title Owner State
Create an Incubator Project
Draft a short proposal. Kay done
Submit it to the Incubator lead, Louis Suarez-Potts for review. Kay done
Advertise that proposal on the relevant lists and on discuss@openoffice.org. Kay done
Ask for a vote on the merits of the project. Kay done
Create the project. Kay done
Prepare project pages Kay in progress
Set up an ODF Wiki
Set up a publicly accessible ODF Wiki. Kay in progress
Moves pages from OOo Media Wiki into the ODF Wiki. Kay open
CVS Check-In
Check-in Prototype Kay in progress
Organize Release Management
User Authentication Kay in progress


Create an Incubator Project

See http://www.openoffice.org/about_us/protocols_proposing.html for how-to creating an incubator project.

Set up an ODF Wiki

Set up an ODF Wiki to used for the Project itself, e.g. something as


CVS Check-In

Download prototype from Mediacast and check it in into the project repository.

Organize Release Management


Support All Applications

Support for all application types: Currently missing are drawings and presentations.

Support Mac OS Clients

Support for Mac OS X Clients.

User Authentication

Users need to login to be able to save documents. Apache.org has some documentation on this. One may either use HTTP Basic authentication or HTTP Digest authentication. See http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/mod/mod_dav.html.

Single Click Install

  • Change installation instructions to "single click" install (or close :-).
  • Chang client script to "single click" install (or close :-)


Define Document Life cycle


Installation Sets

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