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Notes2is a new project to improve the general notes functionality in the Writer module of OpenOffice. This is started as one accepted project in Google's Summer of Code 2007, but will be also worked on after the GSOC is over. The following items are currently planned, more detailed information later:

  • improved visualisation of notes
    • show notes on right margin permantly with full text instead of tiny little yellow box
    • direct editing inside the box including spell checking
    • different colored boxes or different authors

  • usability of notes
    • direct/easier editing and deleting of notes
    • menu changes, details need to be discussed
  • improve navigator in terms of notes
    • possibility to sort notes by author, date, position

Work will address issues 6193, 16251, 23465, 38819, 45788, 6262548150 and 58867.

As I have to get used to the development process as well as the code first, there will be not too much information available at the beginning, but as soon as there are more information, first screenshots and snapshots available, I would love to hear your opinions and any feedback you have to make this a great new functionality in Writer.

--Lkz633 05:54, 16 April 2007 (CEST) Contact information: mod at openoffice dot org

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