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Purpose of this page is to document the work on Issue 121388 - Adapt naming "" --> "Apache OpenOffice".

Hopefully, it serves also the goal to have a guide how to "brand" your product based on the Apache OpenOffice project.

Usages of the name

'State of the art' usage of the name - 2012-12-12:

usage description comments examples value
name of the Apache project
  • fixed name of our Apache project
  • even fixed in derived products
  • About dialog: "... product based on Apache OpenOffice ..."
  • references to corresponding ASF trademark
  • in help content to name the project
  • see also Thesaurus::getServiceDisplayName
  • in main/readlicense_oo/docs/readme/readme.xrm
  • in main/reportbuilder/license/readme_en-US.html|txt
"Apache OpenOffice" - fixed until Apache OpenOffice project decides on a new name
BASISROOTNAME 1 3-layer-office: folder name of the "basis layer" under Windows IMPORTANT: no longer used --> remove it ""
UNIXBASISROOTNAME 1 3-layer-office: folder name of the "basis layer" under Linux/Unix orw: Should be changed to lower case, no space containing variant of the Apache project name, e.g. "apache_openoffice" ""
SERVICE_PRODUCTNAME and SERVICE_PARENTNAME 1 registration data for 'OOo improvement via usage tracking'
This is not active due to missing service.
orw: document usage in new file [1] and leave it as it is. " 3.5"
WRITERCOMPATIBILITYVERSIONOOO11 1 Name of version 1.1 for certain compatibility options in Writer orw: Leave it as it is " 1.1"
STARTCENTER_ADDFEATURE_URL 1 URL in start center to link to extension website ""
STARTCENTER_INFO_URL 1 URL in start center to link to product homepage ""
STARTCENTER_TEMPLREP_URL 1 URL in start center to link to templates website ""
ExtensionUpdateURL  ? in main/scp2/source/ooo/common_brand.scp ""
in main/scp2/source/ooo/installation_ooo.scp  ? ""
UPDATEURL 1 URL for the application update functionality
This URL is contacted via HTTP from the update functionality in order to figure out if a newer version of the application is available
orw: Should be something like "$SHORTAPACHEPROJECTNAME$APACHEPROJECTVERSION/check.Update
PRODUCTNAME 1 name of the product
  • Windows
    • in installation dialogs in window title and in text content
    • part of path for unpacked installation files
    • part of the default installation path and the default user profile path
    • part of the application names in the Windows Start Menu
    • part of shortcut name which is optionally placed on the users desktop
    • part of Windows registry entry " Service Manager (Ver 1.0)"
    • part of Windows registry entry " Property Handler"
    • part of Windows registry entry " Service Manager"
name of the product orw: Should be adapted to $PRODUCTNAME resp. Apache project name
  • in main/readlicense_oo/docs/readme/readme.xrm
  • in main/reportbuilder/license/readme_en-US.html|txt
  • in main/sc/source/ui/vba/vbawindow.cxx
  • in main/sc/xml/ScXMLExport|ScXMLImport.xml
  • in main/setup_native/scripts/
  • in main/setup_native/source/opensolaris/bundledextensions/ooo_bundled_extensions.xml
  • in main/setup_native/source/opensolaris/bundledextensions/README
  • in main/setup_native/source/packinfo/package_names.txt
  • in main/setup_native/source/packinfo/packinfo_office.txt
  • in main/setup_native/source/packinfo/packinfo_office_lang.txt
  • in main/setup_native/source/packinfo/packinfo_sdkoo.txt
  • in main/setup_native/source/win32/stwrapper/stwrapper.manifest
  • in main/unoil/climaker/
  • in main/xmerge/source/activesync/XMergeFilter.cpp
  • in main/xmerge/source/aportisdoc/converter.xml
  • in main/xmerge/source/htmlsoff/converter.xml
  • in main/xmerge/source/minicalc/converter.xml
  • in main/xmerge/source/pexcel/converter.xml
  • in main/xmerge/source/pocketword/converter.xml
  • in main/xmerge/source/wordsmith/converter.xml
  • in main/xmerge/source/xmerge/build.xml
  • in main/xmerge/util/build.xml
  • in main/xmerge/util/
  • in main/xmlsecurity/source/xmlsec/nss/nssinitializer.cxx
hard-coded comparison to $PRODUCTNAME values  ? deeper investigation needed
  • in main/solenv/bin/modules/installer/
  • in main/solenv/bin/modules/installer/
hard-coded comparison to $UNIXBASISROOTNAME values  ? deeper investigation needed
  • in main/solenv/bin/modules/installer/
hard-coded comparison to string containing ""  ? deeper investigation needed
  • in main/solenv/bin/modules/installer/
application description value in Windows registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\\\...\\Capabilities\ApplicationDescription
in main/scp2/source/ooo/registryitem_ooo.ulf
orw: Should be adapted to something like "office productivity suite based on $[Apache OpenOffice project name] ""
manufacturer ? hard coded manufacturer "" seem to be used in Windows registry
deeper investigations needed
  • in main/solenv/bin/modules/installer/
  • in main/solenv/bin/modules/installer/windows/
keys and values in Windows registry orw's opinion: should be equal to product name
  • "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\\\UNO\\InstallPath\\"
  • "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\\\UNO\\InstallPath\\"
  • in main/scp2/inc/
  • in main/scp2/source/ooo/registryitem_ooo.scp
  • in main/scp2/source/ooo/ure.scp
  • in main/scp2/source/quickstart/registryitem_quickstart.scp
  • in main/scp2/source/winexplorerext/registryitem_winexplorerext.scp
  • in main/setup_native/source/win32/customactions/reg4allmsdoc/reg4allmsi.cxx
  • in main/setup_native/source/win32/customactions/reg4msdoc/registrar.cxx
  • in main/setup_native/source/win32/customactions/shellextensions/shellextensions.cxx
  • in main/shell/inc/internal/config.hxx
  • in main/shell/source/win32/shlxthandler/ooofilt/ooofilt.cxx
  • in main/shell/source/win32/simplemail/smplmailclient.cxx
  • in main/svx/source/dialog/sendreportw32.cxx
  • in main/vcl/source/app/settings.cxx
  • in main/vcl/source/window/toolbox.cxx
part of XML namespace declarations orw's opinion: should not be adapted "" - fixed
part of Public Identifier of document type definitions (DTD) for internal used DTDs orw's opinion: should not be adapted, but name could be removed <!DOCTYPE statusbar:statusbar PUBLIC "-// OfficeDocument 1.0//EN" "statusbar.dtd"> ""
in module cli_ure  ?
  • [assembly:System.Reflection.AssemblyCompany( "" )]
  • --assembly-company ""
in module desktop as part of a version info for Windows  ? may be related to usage in module cli_ure
  • value "CompanyName", "\0"
in meta data about extensions certain XML elements contain the name
as part of website URLs in the help content orw: check the URLs, if still valid; adapt URLs "" - fixed
packaging process - *.idt files  ?
  • ""
in module ODK
  • part of Windows registry keys
  • part of 'hard-coded' directory paths
  • part of 'hard-coded' names
  • "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\\\UNO\\InstallPath\\"
  • "/Applications/"
  • "${OOVERSION}_sdk"
  • ""
  • "$(PRODUCT_RELEASE)_sdk"
certain directory names current value correspond to BASISROOTNAME resp. UNIXBASISROOTNAME
  • in main/scp2/source/ooo/ure_standalone.scp
  • in main/setup_native/scripts/
  • in main/setup_native/source/opensolaris/bundledextensions/svc-ooo_bundled_extensions
  • in main/setup_native/source/packinfo/shellscripts_brand.txt
  • in main/setup_native/source/packinfo/shellscripts_core01.txt
  • "" on Windows
  • "" on other platforms
in module offapi part of documentation comments naming the project orw: not critical, but should be adapted to Apache project name ""
in module scripting name as product name or name of the XML file format
  • in main/scripting/java/org/openoffice/idesupport/
  • in main/scripting/java/org/openoffice/netbeans/modules/office/filesystem/
  • in main/scripting/java/org/openoffice/netbeans/modules/office/resources/OpenOfficeDocFileSystem.html
  • in main/scripting/java/org/openoffice/netbeans/modules/office/wizard/
  • in main/scripting/source/pyprov/
  • in main/scripting/java/org/openoffice/netbeans/modules/office/wizard/
  • in main/scripting/java/org/openoffice/netbeans/modules/office/wizard/
  • in main/scripting/source/pyprov/
  • in main/scripting/workben/bindings/drawmenubar.xml
  • in main/scripting/workben/bindings/impressmenubar.xml
  • in main/scripting/workben/bindings/writermenubar.xml
  • in main/scripting/workben/installer/
  • in main/scripting/workben/installer/
in main/shell/source/win32/shlxthandler/prophdl/propertyhdl.cxx  ?
hard-coded paths containing name  ? seems to be paths for test installations
  • in main/solenv/gbuild/platform/
  • in main/solenv/gbuild/platform/
  • in main/solenv/gbuild/platform/
  • in main/solenv/inc/
 ? no clue, yet
  • in various files in main/sysui/desktop/*

(1) variable found in /main/instsetoo_native/util/openoffice.lst [1] /main/instsetoo_native/util/openoffice.lst.README

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