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(Outline(as per 08-03-2008))
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Revision as of 18:31, 30 March 2008

Welcome to the NL.OpenOffice.org wiki pages. This project is part of the Native-Language Confederation and uses this wiki to coordinate parts of its work that need to be updated regularly and/or by more than one person.

We communicate mainly by mail. For this we use the mailing list localization@nl.openoffice.org [mainly Dutch]. To view the mailing list archive or for subscription see: http://nl.openoffice.org/about-mailinglist.html Sometimes we use the #nl.openoffice.org channel on irc.freenode.net.

There are a number of things we are currently working on inside the Dutch localization project:

Localization testing on new releases of OOo

Translation for OOo 2.4

1st handoff translator trans-status reviewer rev-status
ui simonbr done natalie done
sbasic corno / leomo done natalie partially
scalc (incl. scalc.po) dickgr done natalie done
schart henkbu done natalie done
sdraw henkbu done natalie done
shared (incl. shared.po) henkbu done natalie done
simpress (incl. simpress.po) henkbu done natalie done
smath (incl. smath.po) henkbu done natalie done
swriter (incl. swriter.po) simonbr done natalie done

2nd handoff translator trans-status reviewer rev-status
ui simonbr done natalie done
sbasic leomo done natalie done
scalc (incl. scalc.po) dickgr finished natalie done
schart (incl. schart.po) henkbu finished natalie done
sdraw henkbu finished natalie done
shared (incl. shared.po) henkbu finished natalie done
simpress henkbu finished natalie done
smath henkbu finished natalie done
swriter (incl. swriter.po) simonbr finished arthurbu done

translator trans-status reviewer rev-status
additional strings simonbr finished arthurbu done

Translation for OOo 3.0

OOo 3.0

  • first translation handover: January 18th, 2008
  • UI and Feature_freeze: March 6th, 2008
  • Translation update 3.0 start: March 13th, 2008
  • Translation update 3.0 delivery: April 3rd, 2008, code freeze for Beta
  • begin TCM testing: April 10th, 2008
  • "last cws integration" for Beta: April 17th, 2008
  • OpenOffice.org 3.0 Beta: April 30th, 2008
  • code_freeze, last regular translation delivery: July 4th, 2008
  • Last cws integration for fixes: July 18th, 2008
  • release candidate for all languages: July 25th, 2008, begin of TCM testing
  • Product release: September 2nd, 2008 or OOoCon 2008 mid September ?

Zoals u ziet is het bijwerken van vertalingen gepland voor 13 maart 2008

Total count of translations:

Name Folder Subfolder File Translated Fuzzy Untranslated Totaal
OpenOffice.org HC2 402246 2854 21894 426994
scalc 59385 1093 16265 76743
01.po 36431 1006 16026 53463
02.po 794 0 6 800
guide.po 19204 87 191 1948
schart 10076 175 901 11152
00.po 292 6 5 303
01.po 9534 169 896 10599
shared 179344 1199 2517 183060
explorer 19724 75 114 19913
01.po 44953 315 1277 46545
02.po 29056 2 75 29133
04.po 2090 0 102 2192
05.po 1521 0 153 1674
autopi.po 10992 96 26 11114
guide.po 34001 363 382 34746
optionen.po 20535 145 388 21068
simpress 24191 24 175 24390
01.po 8520 0 65 8585
02.po 6604 1 16 6621
guide.po 7484 23 94 7601
smath 14921 4 348 15273
guide.po 847 0 348 1195
swriter 62706 359 1589 64654
01.po 31828 132 368 32328
guide.po 24608 221 1221 26050
shared.po 2274 0 18 2292
swriter.po 1520 0 81 1601
OpenOffice.org UI 79481 31 86 79598
svtools 3117 0 86 3203
misc.po 1387 0 27 1414
plugapp.po 0 0 59 59

In the column Untranslated is the total count of words to be translated.

NL: Dit zijn de te vertalen woorden. Er zijn een aantal grote bestanden bij. Die zouden gesplitst en later weer samengevoegd kunnen worden.

Outline(as per 08-03-2008)

1st handoff translator trans-status reviewer rev-status
ui leomo finished
scalc digro finished
schart corno finished
shared (incl. shared.po) henkbu finished
simpress simonbr finished
smath leomo finished
swriter (incl. swriter.po) LuCas finished

Problems with ID-strings (OmegaT / poEdit)

On behalf of the Dutch translators is below a description of fixing the problem with the ID-strings which are merged with the msgstr inside OmegaT and poEdit.

Problemen met ID-tekenreeksen (OmegaT / poEdit)

In de tekenreeksen zijn ID's ingebouwd. Dit ziet er bij het bewerken in OmegaT zo uit:

 _: 02110000.xhp#par_id3150955.12.help.text\nContents
 <segment 0043> _: 02110000.xhp#par_id3150955.12.help.text\nContents <einde segment>

Het probleem zit in onderstaand stukje binnen het segment: ( beginnend met een onderstrepingsteken + dubbele punt en eindigend op ....text\n)

 _: 02110000.xhp#par_id3150955.12.help.text\n

Dat is een ID-reeks die uit het te vertalen gedeelte moet worden gehaald. Gelukkig zit het niet in alle segmenten ;-)

 <segment 0043> _: 02110000.xhp#par_id3150955.12.help.text\nContents <einde segment>

wordt dan

 <segment 0043> Contents <einde segment>

Het vertaalde segment dient er, vertaald, als volgt uit te zien:

 _: 02110000.xhp#par_id3150955.12.help.text\nContents
 <segment 0043> Inhoud <einde segment>

Bij het maken van de vertaalde documenten komt, in OmegaT, dan alles toch op zijn juiste plek terecht.

Translate Tools

sdf to po

Windows users

To open the Command Prompt click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK. Use the command cd to go to the directory where your translation toolkit is located.

 C:\Documents and Settings\user>cd "C:\Program Files\translate-toolkit"
 C:\Program Files\translate-toolkit>

Execute oo2po -h for help.

 oo2po -l nl UI_93824_89_2007-06-05_31.sdf UI
 oo2po: warning: Output directory does not exist. Attempting to create
 processing 48 files...
 [###########################################] 100%
 oo2po -l nl HC2_93824_89_2007-06-05_31.sdf HC2
 oo2po: warning: Output directory does not exist. Attempting to create
 processing 35 files...
 [###########################################] 100%

Translation using OmegaT with TM and Glossary

  • Download and unzip OmegaT
  • Within the directory you use for this translation create a few OmegaT specific folders:
    • source will contain the above .po file
    • tm will contain the translation memory file you will download from this issue, or any other TMX you want to use
    • glossary will contain the glossary file that you can export from SunGloss (or any other glossary you want to use)
    • target will contain the translated files you can create at any point during the translation

OmegaT uses a lot of memory to load the source files, the TMX files, the glossaries as well as all the correspondences between all the files that it creates at load time. It may sometimes run out of memory. If that is the case start OmegaT from the command line using:

(on Windows) javaw -Xmx512m -jar OmegaT.jar (512mb is an indicative value and you can actually put more than the amount or ram you really have)
  • Start OmegaT and create a new project
  • Make sure the language codes match the codes of the TMX file you've decided to use
  • Select the above directories to be used as project directories
  • OK
  • Translate your assigned files

The first part of the po-file contains a header. Nothing to translate there.

 "Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION\n"
 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/enter_bug.cgi?subcomponent=ui&comment=&short_desc=Localization%20issue%20in%20file%3A%20helpcontent2\source\text\scalc.oo&component=l10n&form_name=enter_issue\n"
 "POT-Creation-Date: 2007-06-18 22:04W.
 Europe Daylight Time\n"
 "PO-Revision-Date: YEAR-MO-DA HO:MI+ZONE\n"
 "Last-Translator: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
 "Language-Team: LANGUAGE <LL@li.org>\n"
 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
 "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
 "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
 "Plural-Forms: nplurals=INTEGER; plural=EXPRESSION;\n"
 "X-Generator: Translate Toolkit 1.0\n"
 "X-Accelerator-Marker: ~\n"
  • Use Project > Create Translated Documents to write the results so far to the target directory
  • Whenever you want to check the files, open the target folder. The contents of target is temporary and will be overwritten by any modifications made from within OmegaT.
  • The contents of the po-files can be seen with text editors that know how to handle LF as a line-ending. Be carefull not to accidentaly save changes to the po-files.

To export a glossary from SunGloss you need to be a registered user.

  • Export only the relevant parts (StarOffice/StarSuite for ex), only in the relevant languages. You'll mostly need the source term, the target term and the target term comments
  • Rename the file (name).csv and open it in Calc
  • Make sure you only have three columns (see above)
  • Save while editing the CSV filter: Character set=utf-8, Field delimiter=tab, Text delimiter=(nothing)
  • Rename the file (name).utf8
  • Make sure the file is in the glossary directory

Any modifications to the source files, the TMX file or the glossary files will require the project to be reloaded to be taken into account.

OmegaT comes with a 10mn tutorial that is displayed at startup. Make sure you read it before you start.

po to sdf

 po2oo -l nl -t UI_93824_89_2007-06-05_31.sdf ./UI UI.sdf
 processing 48 files...
 [###########################################] 100%

check sdf

 gsicheck UI.sdf

Translation of documentation

Several members of nl.openoffice.org also partcipate in the OOoAuthors project.


is a development site for OpenOffice.org documentation.

We are a group of volunteer reviewers, writers, editors, proofreaders, indexers, and translators producing documentation for OpenOffice.org Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress, Math and Base.

There are also documents in German, English, Romanian, and other languages.


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