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displaying an LDAP directory does not work
connecting to an LDAP server seems to work fine, a table named LDAP directory is displayed. However, upon opening this table by double-clicking it, the data table view comes up empty, and an error message saying "SQL Status: HY000 An error occurred while executing the query." is displayed. Quite unhelpful.
In SeaMonkey, the mapping between LDAP attributes (such as "ou") and address book properties (such as "Department") is not hard-coded in the source anymore, but when doing an LDAP search, an implementation of nsIAbLDAPAttributeMap has to be provided, which describes this mapping. Since in the current driver, this implementation does not yet exist, LDAP searches fail completely. solution
implement nsIAbLDAPAttributeMap, and provide it when doing an LDAP search. remarks
This opens the door for a often-requested enhancement: People want to be able to modify the attribute mapping, to accommodate it to their specific LDAP schema. So far, this is not possible, since it would require adjustments to the Mozilla code. Now, with SeaMonkey retrieving the mapping from our driver at runtime, we could implement a configuration-based solution, which loads the mapping from the configuration. This way, people could easily adjust it to their needs.
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