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Co-Lead: Tora - Takamichi Akiyama


This wiki page is under revision. The current contents in this page is slightly outdated.
Please refer to New OOo Mirror Structure for the latest information.

Mission Statement

This project coordinates the listing of those sites that host OpenOffice.org software. A "mirror" is a website that has agreed to donate its server space and bandwidth for OpenOffice.org downloads. This page serves as a reference page for the download pages. For regular users, please go to the OpenOffice.org Download webpage.

Disclaimer: To be listed here, anything under the OpenOffice.org directory must come from any of the Category 1/Tier-1 servers mentioned in the Master Mirrors. We make no promises about this software, and anyone who downloads any software listed on OpenOffice.org, whether from the master servers or from any listed mirror or from any other source, including CD-ROMs or peer-to-peer networks, is doing so at his or her own risk. Downloaders should always exercise caution whenever downloading any executable software from the Internet. Please check your md5sums prior to installing downloaded software.

Setting Up a Mirror

Setting up a mirror site is easy. You may select which sets (main or extended) you wish to carry, but you must select one. We do not need mirrors for the OpenOffice.org Web content.

If you would like to set up a mirror, please read the information below and consult our mirrors FAQs.

Quick start:

  1. Choose one set for your mirror (look at sets).
    We accept mirrors carrying the main set (category 1). But we are especially in need for mirrors capable to host the extended dataset.
  2. Send an email to project's discussion list, including:
    • Name of mirror site:
    • Technical contact's name:
    • Technical contact's email address:
    • URL of the mirror (http):
    • URL of the mirror (ftp):
    • URL of the mirror (rsync):
    • Mirroring from:
    • Set You've chosen:
    • Your Internet connection's speed in k/M/Gbits per second:
    • Country:
  3. Start mirroring from a suitable host in the Master Mirrors. Note: GWDG is heavily loaded; you can also mirror from every Category 1 / Tier-1 mirror and we ask you to do so. The software shows up with a little delay there, but it is not more than 12 hours. You can start copying from them without ANY permissions at any time (rsync or ftp).
  4. Read further on this page.

Minimum Requirements

(This set of requirements is under discussion, not the final one.)

  • Your server is connected to the Internet with static IP address(es), not dynamically assigned one.
  • Your Internet connection is capable of providing adequate bandwidth for the demands of your region.
  • Security measures is properly implemented.


  • All maintainers of mirrors listed here must be subscribed to the mirrors discussion mailing list. To subscribe it, send an empty email to mirrors-subscribe@distribution.openoffice.org and follow instructions that will be automatically sent to your email address. To view archives, please go to mailing list archive
  • All mirrors are responsible for keeping their files up-to-date and for notifying this project of any changes in their set up (such as a change hostname, URL or a discontinuation of service). We understand that maintaining files can be difficult, and so encourage you to ask for assistance from the community

Files: What To Distribute

Please refer to the Files Page for the latest information on which files are grouped in which sets or categories to distribute. In brief, there are two sets for mirrors: main or extended. If you choose Category 4 for CD-ROM distribution, you must specify the details of what you will be offering when you send in your link (for a CD-ROM) or when you set up a Mirror.

When submitting to the CD-ROM listing, please do not simply say "Category 4". This tells us absolutely nothing.

No mirror is to be discounted but every mirror should understand that the download pages can't be compiled by hand. Category 4 mirrors will certainly be listed. They may also offer local services, such as ISO images for CD-ROMs, or files for "p2p" exchanges.

Master and Tier-1 Servers

Category 1 / Tier-1 servers have all OpenOffice.org related main set data at one entry point for you. Please choose the closest Tier-1 server listed in the Master Mirrors. Even better would be if you go the extra step and join the small group of extended mirrors.

It is understood that a mirror site may experience a slight lag in obtaining the code from the primary servers. The mirror monitoring page gives an overview of the mirror states and delay. Additionally we use Mirrorbrain to check the availability of files and distribute the load. But each mirror site is responsible in the end for hosting at the least the latest build, and in the same directory structure, as the master server.

Rsync Instructions

  • We require rsync to copy over files listed on the master server. Please point to:
    rsync rsync://tier-1-server/path/ (with the appropriate options)
    and start mirroring. If you have problems, please post them to the mirrors discussion mailing list.
  • Please indicate which data set you wish to occupy. We encourage all to follow the category structure.
  • Speed of download: We have indicated by each mirror the quality and speed of its connection to the Internet. There are three indicators: ***, **, *. More details are supplied on each mirror site's homepage. Question m<arks (??) indicate no data, not bad connections.

Directory Structure

All mirrors, regardless of category, will have to follow the format below for OpenOffice.org files. This will be easy, as rsync will allow you to copy over the directory structure:

stable, tested builds 
/stable/[release version]/[filenames]
Example: /stable/3.2.1/OOo_3.2.1_Win_x86_install-wJRE_en-US.exe
tested localized builds 
/localized/[language]/[release version]/[filenames]
Example: /localized/ja/3.2.1/OOo_3.2.1_Win_x86_install-wJRE_ja.exe
contributed files 
Example: /contrib/dictionaries/README.txt
large datasets like Betas, RCs, POT and SDF files 
Example: /extended/3.2.1rc2/OOo_3.2.1rc2_20100521_Win_x86_install-wJRE_en-US.exe
developer snapshots (aka nightly builds or milestone builds) 
/extended/developer/[developer build number]/[filenames]
Example: /extended/developer/DEV300m83/OOo-Dev_DEV300m83_Win_x86_install_en-US.exe

The tools project hosts a description of the file naming scheme.

Archive Servers

We also have archive servers for mirroring legacy and rarely-used content. See Archive Mirrors for futher information.

All Mirror Sites

Many thanks go not only to extended mirror sites but to all the mirrors supporting OpenOffice.org listed below.

* Please use a FTP program if your browser does not support FTP downloads.

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