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(16-Aug-2007 :: Kick Off)
(16-Aug-2007 :: Kick Off)
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= Next Meeting =
=== Agenda ===
## Realistic Concept
## Effort Estimation
= 16-Aug-2007 :: Kick Off =
= 16-Aug-2007 :: Kick Off =
=== Attending ===
=== Attending ===

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Next Meeting


  1. Planning
    1. Realistic Concept
    2. Effort Estimation

16-Aug-2007 :: Kick Off


Matthias, Mikhail, Éric, Uwe, Mathias


  1. Welcome
  2. Kick Off of new iTeam
    1. Matthias (lead and user experience)
    2. Mikhail (development)
    3. Uwe (documentation)
    4. Éric (QA)
    5. Other roles: Mathias & Lutz (sponsor)
  3. Concept - What is desired? What do we want to accomplish?
  4. Status Quo - What is the state of the project?
  5. Planning
    1. Open Source Approach
    2. Roadmap - The extension is key for OOo3.
    3. Effort - How much time can be spent on the project?
    4. Realistic Concept - What is feasible for the first release?
  6. Next steps


We will add commands to the File menu and the toolbar. The Options dialog gets an additional panel, and About box is displayed via the Help menu.
Base line is at least OOo 2.4.
L10n is big rule languages.
The MediaWiki extension will use the new OOo 2.3 MediaWiki export Filter for creating WikiText.
Import will be a heuristic of scaping the HTML with additional hints from the WikiText.
Effort and Realistic Concept
Postponed to future meeting
Open Source
This is an open source project; hence we communicate and develop in public.
Ready for QA has to be in December 2007
January 2008 is QA Approval
Action Items
see MediaWiki Extension Action Items

Action Items

MediaWiki Extension Action Items

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