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  1. talk to MBA about Howie's participation
  2. talk to Thomas Mitzka on more MediaWiki Extension/Use Cases
  3. provide spec for Alpha 1
    1. Add Dialog
    2. Settings Dialog
    3. Error Strings
  4. collect input from/with marketing to launch Alpha 1 in the extension repository.
  5. propagate new inline progress control
  6. Create OOo template or? MediaWiki.oth that looks a bit like a MediWiki page /wrt styles, see MediaWiki Extension/Meetings#6-Sep-2007


  1. add query with MediaWiki Tasks to our MediaWiki Extension home page
  2. Clarify if the MediaWiki filter is installed and enabled for OOo 2.3 -- according to the spec it should be preinstalled.

-> Yes, it should but is currently not: issue 82028


  1. check sources with LGPL licenses into CWS
  2. develop Alpha 1, focus on File-Send menu and Export functionality
  3. add HelpIDs to the UI


  1. Find typical Use Cases for MediaWiki
    1. Wikipedia
    2. oo-wiki
    3. Ubuntu-wiki
  2. What are common/typical extensions for MediaWiki installations?
  3. We need a positive list of MediaWiki tags that we support and a negative list of tags that we do not support.
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