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=== G ===
=== G ===
===== gorkem =====
* '''OOo website username''': gorkem
* '''Wiki username''': [[User:gorkem|gorkem]]
* '''Real name''': Görkem Çetin
* '''Expertise''': PR, project management, writing
* '''Availability''': available on skype (ID:gorkemcetin), Jabber (gorkem@jabber.org), or IRC (TarasBulba)
* '''Current tasks''': working on Turkish OpenOffice.org project
=== H ===
=== H ===

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OOo Marketing Project

Please view the guidelines
before contributing.



Strategic Marketing Plan Pages:

Category:Draft marketing ideas and materials 

This page is intended as a comprehensive listing of active contributors to marketing with short profile (availability, expertise, current tasks)

Here is a small template for listing yourself. Note that the wiki username links to your automatically created wiki page where you can put a detailed profile and background if you wish. Please write there the username as it appears in the up-right corner of the wiki after you login.

===== Drsmith =====
* '''OOo website username''': drsmith
* '''Wiki username''': [[User:Drsmith| Drsmith]]
* '''Real name''': Dr Smith
* '''Expertise''': vector grapchics
* '''Availability''': sporadic, ask on list
* '''Current tasks''': creating a new logo

Marketing contributors in alphabetical order


  • OOo website username: andylockran
  • Wiki username: Andylockran
  • Real name: Andy Loughran
  • Expertise: Enthusiasm..doing psychology and marketing degree
  • Availability: Normally often, some holidays and assignments prevent 100% commitment
  • Current tasks: Looking for projects to help with.. but I am installing OpenOffice.org on any computer that comes near me. Also monitoring government eGif policy and researching OSS implementation in UK government. Hoping to try and help with PR and marketing strategy and planning. I'm trying to learn as much as I can from the wealth of experienced project members. Currently doing a major project on OOo Marketing at Uni and hoping to add it to the wiki within the next couple of weeks.


  • OOo website username: bedipp
  • Wiki username: BeDipp
  • Real name: Bernhard Dippold
  • Expertise: some interests in art, marketing, OOo project member interactions (real expert in medical topics)
  • Availability: not easy to predict: I'm on work at different times, sometimes I'm available by email there, sometimes not. At home you could reach me by chance on the germanophone IRC channel #openoffice.org-de
  • Current tasks: Art project website update, Logo license, marketing material, several tasks in the germanophone community (cdrom subproject, marketing, international communication, exhibitions, marketing material...)


  • OOo website username: cdriga
  • Wiki username: Cdriga
  • Real name: Cristian Driga
  • Expertise: PHP/MySQL/Postgres, Graphics, Surveying and user feedback
  • Availability: Depends a lot on my daily work. Drop an email to cdrigaATopenoffice.org and will try to help. Available for precise emergency tasks.
  • Current tasks: user survey, community votings, contributor assistance

  • OOo website username: cornouws
  • Wiki username: cornouws
  • Real name: Cor Nouws
  • Expertise: software development, basic, MBA, text writing, pr-skills
  • Availability: Irregular, but often.
  • Current tasks: gathering and writing information for marketing purposes

Chad Smith
  • OOo website username: chadley78
  • Wiki username: ChadSmith
  • Real name: Chad Smith
  • Expertise: web design, editing, some marketing, experience with and access to many different office suites on different operating systems.
  • Availability: Irregular, but often.
  • Current tasks: assigned to updating reviews page on the main site, local marketing, working with the mailing lists, creation and maintance of What is OpenOffice.org, open to other tasks

  • OOo website username: southerncross
  • Wiki username: chs
  • Real name: Charles-H. Schulz
  • Expertise: Coordination of international projects and communities (See the Native-Lang Confederation), Marketing (graduated as a Master of Marketing and international trade). Helps back and forth communication between marketing and NL projects.
  • Availability: Irregular, but often.
  • Current tasks: one of the main editor of The OpenOffice.org Newsletter, works often in the PR team. Strong focus on local marketing actions. if time allows, loves to think about marketing strategy.





  • OOo website username: gorkem
  • Wiki username: gorkem
  • Real name: Görkem Çetin
  • Expertise: PR, project management, writing
  • Availability: available on skype (ID:gorkemcetin), Jabber (gorkem@jabber.org), or IRC (TarasBulba)
  • Current tasks: working on Turkish OpenOffice.org project




  • OOo website username: jcausey
  • Wiki username: Jcausey
  • Real name: Jeff Causey
  • Expertise: management, project management, writing, finance, web site development, government
  • Availability: generally available most of the time, just ask (jeff.causey@strategic-innovations-inc.com)
  • Current tasks: moving SMP over to this wiki; waiting on testimonials to help update

James Walker
  • OOo website username: Vodad
  • Wiki username: Vodad
  • Real name: James Walker
  • Expertise: Customer Service, some programming, currently doing Computer Aided Design for Railing Manufacturer.
  • Availability: Almost Daily.
  • Current tasks: Central United States Marketing Contact. Currently promoting Openoffice.org in that area.




  • OOo website username: mak_l10n
  • Wiki username: mak
  • Real name: Mahay Alam Khan
  • Expertise: Camping, hardware hacking, service marketing, teaching.
  • Availability: who? me? mail me...
  • Current tasks: Volunteering for Ankur (http://www.ankur.org.bd)















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