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OOo Marketing Project

Please view the guidelines
before contributing.



Strategic Marketing Plan Pages:


Welcome to the Marketing Project Homepage.

This page is designed to be the hub of the Marketing activity on the OOo Wiki. Please read the contribution guidelines located at the bottom of this page prior to contributing to the wiki.

Marketing wiki sections

Key Pages


OOo Marketing website pages and Other Resources

Marketing Project Tasks

Are you interested in helping with the Marketing Project? We can always use volunteers to help develop materials, prepare documents, etc. Below are some specific ways that you may help or information that may help you market in your own way.

  1. Become a volunteer with the Marketing Project
  2. Talk to people
  3. Help from your workplace
  4. Community
  5. Logos, web buttons, posters and banners
  6. Brochures, posters and flyers
  7. Invite a speaker to your event
  8. Events
  9. Request for Enhancements (RFEs)

Marketing wiki usage

Tools to ease your work with the wiki

Basic rules of usage and participation

Here are a few hints on how to work on the Marketing Project's wiki pages. This is a general proposed procedure but not a strict one:

  • Use the links above to navigate through the existing wiki sections.
  • While you are in an existing page that interests you... check both the "article" tab to see the finalized texts that are written or that are being worked on - and also check the "discussion" tab for viewing the discussions that are being held in the development of that text.
  • Red links or tabs indicate pages that do not exist.


  • Note that for contributing you have to be a registered user of the wiki site. We recommend using the same username as on your OOo website login.
  • A. Contributing to an existing page:
    1. Log on to the wiki using the link at the top right.
    2. Navigate to the desired page on the wiki.
    3. Click on the "discussion" tab on the top of the page.
    4. Click on the "+" (PLUS) sign near the "edit" tab to add a new comment.
    5. Propose your changes to the "article" or describe your ideas in the body of the comment (even paste/write your version of the text if you wish).
    6. In your writings please use these Wiki Editing Guidelines as a formatting guide.
    7. Please sign your contribution to discussions by adding four tildes on a new line below your contribution ~~~~.
    8. Announce the chagnes to the Marketing mailing list, (send a blank email to address to subscribe first) or directly to the persons who are working on the page.
    9. Watch for responses on the list and in the "discussions" tab. If there is consensus, edit the article by using the "edit" tab available when viewing in the "article" tab.
  • B. Creating a new page:
    1. Before creating the page make sure there isn't a similar page in the Marketing category.
    2. Announce your intentions by using the "discussion" tab on this index page and adding a new comment (see instructions above) in which you propose a name and describe the purpose of the page.
    3. Announce to project members by e-mail at and whatch for responses as a similar page may already exist.
    4. If there is consensus to create the page, "edit" the page and add a line like this:

      * [[Marketing--Page title here]] - page description in one line goes here

      NOTE the square brackets which designate a link inside the wiki. Also note the "Marketing--" segment of the page naming which must be there (as a convention inside the project) to indicate that the page belongs to the Marketing Project wiki pages.
    5. In the "summary" box below the edit box, add something like: "added New Section named..." and save the page.
    6. Scroll down and find the red link that you just created. Click on it to start editing.
    7. Index the new page in the Marketing catgory by placing the following code in the 1st line:


    8. Then add a link to return to the main page by copy/pasting this line into the page:


    9. Then add 2-3 carriage returns and start writing
    10. What to write: a short mission statement for the new page, then write the proposed contents for the page. When done, give a clear description to your changes in the "summary" box and click "Show Preview" to make sure that it will show up the way you like it.
    11. Only select "This is a minor edit" if you are ONLY changing minor formatting or typos. If you add or remove content, it is not a minor edit.
    12. If you would like to have this page added to your watchlist, click on "watch this page"
    13. Click "Save page" to save the page.
    14. At the end use the "discussion" tab in the new page to add your first comments on what should be done further.
    15. Announce the creation of the page to the project list.

Final note: Wiki is intended for collaborative work and for immediate access to start writing. This is why the above notes saying "announce the project" on every step are more of a wish from the project members to be kept posted about what is going on, rather than mandatory. Contributions are welcome and you are free to start writing.

Hope this is not too complicated and that you have fun too.

Cdriga 12:00, 5 February 2006 (CET)

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