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(Known Deployment Numbers)
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| Brazil || Banco do Brasil || Finance || 23,000 || Started || [http://tecnologia.terra.com.br/interna/0,,OI906852-EI4801,00.html] [http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/dancer?entry=openoffice_org_at_brazilian_banco#comments]
| Brazil || Banco do Brasil || Finance || 23,000 || Started || [http://tecnologia.terra.com.br/interna/0,,OI906852-EI4801,00.html] [http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/dancer?entry=openoffice_org_at_brazilian_banco#comments]
==Known Distribution Numbers==
==Known Distribution Numbers==

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OOo Marketing Project

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Strategic Marketing Plan Pages:


The goal of this page is to collect and present all kinds of data in an organized way that allows estimating the OpenOffice.org/StarOffice market share. The page tries to analyze the market share of all OpenOffice.org-based products including StarOffice and Novell's Edition of OpenOffice.org. Therefore, does not try to distinguish between different OpenOffice.org flavors and combines numbers where appropriate (e.g. survey numbers).

Another wiki resource that can be used for improving and extending this page is the list of Major OpenOffice.org Deployments.

The Project's target market share can be found in the Strategic Marketing Plan Usage Goals.

Known Deployment Numbers

Country Customer/User Industry/Vertical Number of Seats Status Links to Public Information
Singapore Ministry of Defense Government 5,000 Completed [1]
UK Bristol City Council Government 5,000 Completed [2]
France Gendarmerie Government 80,000 Started [3]
France Tax Agency Government 80,000 Started [4]
France Ministry of Equipment Government 1,500 Started [5]
Netherlands City of Haarlem Government 2,000 Started [6]
Netherlands City of Vaals Government 90 Started [7]
Belgium Department of Justice Government 4,000 Started [8] [9]
Germany City of Munich Government 15,000 Planned [10]
Germany Stuttgarter Versicherung Finance 900 Completed [11]
Germany LVM Finance 7,700 Completed [12]
Austria City of Vienna Government 18,000 Started [13]
Brazil Banco do Brasil Finance 23,000 Started [14] [15]

Known Distribution Numbers

Country Number of Copies Version and Language Information Links to Public Information
Global 60,000,000 OpenOffice.org Downloads from Main Site [16]
India 3,500,000 Tamil [17]
India 3,500,000 Hindi [18]

Analyst Statements

Date (Month/Year) Analyst Estimated Market Share Market Details Links to Public Information
December 2003 Jupiter Research 6% Small and Medium Businesses in North America [19]
March 2004 Forrester 8.5% out of 140 major North America companies [20]
October 2005 Yankee Group 19% Small and Medium Businesses [21]


Date (Month/Year) Country Publisher Usage / Market Share at Home Usage / Market Share at Work Links to Public Information
2003 Netherlands webwereld.nl 22% 12% [22]
2006 Germany TechConsult N/A 8% of desktop systems running Linux (and thus most likely OpenOffice.org) [23]

PC's by Country

  • Countries with the Largest Population [24]
  • World's 50 Most Populous Countries: 2005 [25]
  • Nationmaster.COM Population [26]
  • PCs In-Use [27]
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