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This database is not one actually in use. It comes from some help sessions on the OOOForum. It might be a good base to work up from however.

The database used was kept as simple as possible to support the development of one form and a few macros. The schema is

Maddies art schema 1.png

The form that was developed is this. ( notice the name will change, as Juliana was the users name and I thought it best to use a different one - so I will get to making that change if necessary. )

Order entry 3.png

The macros created do a lot of filling of data when a button is clicked, or an item in a list box is selected. The Form uses a number of sub forms to generate the required calculated fields. The two buttons named 'new' currently do nothing, but would be updated to bring up a data entry screen ( dialog box ) for entering new customer information. The execution of the dialog would trigger a validation routine to insure both completeness and to stop any duplicate entries.

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