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Features / ToDo's for 3.0

  • This page lists the most important features and bugs that need to be fixed for 3.0 for Mac OS X.
  • Our goal is to have at least all Prio 1-3 features done until the Beta Release.
  • Please see the release schedule of 3.0 for the current timeline.


Mac OS X Porting Roadmap
Issue Type Prio Status Owner CWS
Drag&Drop Feature 1 integrated tra macosxdnd
Accessibility Feature 1 ongoing obr, fne aqua11y01
Use Setup for installation (.mpkg) Feature 1 optional, not required yet obr
Support Language Pack installation Feature 1 started cloph, obr cloph10
Install Spotlight Plugin during setup Feature 1 not started ( done ?? ) obr
Multi-Monitor support / resolution change Feature 1 integrated pl aquavcl04
Update Readme (minimal OS requirements, etc.) Bug 2 not started
Java support: detection, extensions, applets, JDBC drivers, ... Bug 2 ongoing pl,jl
Deadlocks (eg, when using extension manager) Bug 2 fixed pl aquavcl05
SDK (installation, setting build environment, check samples) Feature 2 not started pl
Suppress empty window when opening files from finder Bug 2 integrated pl aquavcl04
Use system print dialog Feature 2 integrated ericb, pl, ismael nativeprintdlg01
Minimum font features (kerning, glyph fallback) Bug 2 ongoing hdu
Advanced font features (clipped ligatures, justification etc.) Bug 2 ongoing hdu
Advanced font features (BiDi support) Bug 2 ongoing hdu
Font fallback (adapt VCL.xcu) Bug 2 integrated hdu
Severe paint issues while resizing Bug 2 integrated pl aquavcl04
NWF issues: many dialogs are too small, controls overlap Bug 2 ongoing pl
Put Need Save status in closer Feature 2 fixed pl aquavcl05
Use Quicktime for media playback Feature 3 integrated msicotte macosxquicktime01
Image Capture Implementation (scanners etc.) Feature 3 started ericb, valeuf, Dyrcona
Provide a way to start with something else than an empty writer (could be the template dialog on startup but with some face-lifting or/and a context menu in the dock icon) Feature 3 integrated pl aquavcl05
Change online help for Ctrl-Command mapping Bug 3 not started
Update 'Recent Items' submenu (in the Apple menu) when opening files from OOo Feature 3 fixed aquavcl05
Implement canvas API using Quartz (for slideshow) Feature 3 not started, concurrent Cairo canvas is underway
Detect input language/locale and notify changes Feature 3 not started pl
Hide empty backing window Feature 3 fixed pl aquavcl05
Docking not possible by window move only Bug 3 not started pl
Statusbar invisible after document load Bug 3 integrated pl aquavcl04
NWF issues: not all controls working correctly (spin buttons, scroll bars,...) Bug 3 ongoing pl, ismael
Installation of extensions via double-click (may be OOo app must be registered for and support .oxt filetype directly) Feature 3 not started
Toolbars do not restore their last position Bug 3 fixed pl
Follow hyperlinks does not work (Ctrl-Click -> Command-Click) Bug 3 not started pl
Show embedded document thumbnail in file picker / finder Bug 3 not started fheckl?
Use system security API (keychain) for digital signatures Feature 4 not started obr/jl
Support window zoom button in a useful way Bug 4 not started pl
Support remote control for slideshow (unknown API?) Feature 5 not started ericb

Known Issues

Use this query to list all open (i.e., not resolved) issues flagged with the aqua keyword.

Please make sure to add the aqua keyword when filing new issues specific to the Mac OS X port of

Future tasks

Things that are not required for 3.0 but should be considered for future releases:

  • Integration with Services menu
  • Access to iPhoto/Aperture library (Gallery)
  • Get user data from address book during installation
  • Netbeans plugin for SDK
  • Mozilla/Safari plugin
  • reduced Toolbar Icon set
  • Support for AppleScript
  • ...
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