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  • Mox Soini: Mox


To get native spellchecking in for Mac OS X (Aqua), there are two parts. First making and providing the hunspell spellchecker server for Mac OS X (this is optional). And second, integrating Mac OS X's spellchecking services into OOo UI.

The advantage of having native hunspell server, would be to take advantage of all the languages in OOo that Mac OS X System does not support. At the same time, this would make hunspell available to all Apple's native applications.


  • Investigate and evaluate the effort for including apple spell checking (client) into OOo Aqua
  • Investigate and evaluate the effort for making hunspell into a Apple spell server.


Spellchecking (client) part:

Server part:


Documentation on spellchecking is a bit on the light side. Here's some additional info:

  • Install location: /Library/Services
  • Bundle's name: AcmeSpell.service --> service_name = AcmeSpell
  • Binary: AcmeSpell.service/Contents/MacOS/AcmeSpell --> binary_name = AcmeSpell
  • Info: AcmeSpell.service/Contents/Info.plist

Infoplist stuff:

  • CFBundleExecutable: AcmeSpell ---> binary_name
  • CFBundleName: AcmeSpell ---> service_name
  • NSPrincipalClass: AcmeSpellChecker ---> the name of your service implementation (function)
  • NSServices / NSExecutable: AcmeSpell ---> binary_name??
  • NSServices / NSPortName: AcmeSpell ---> service_name??
  • NSServices / NSSpellChecker: Acme ---> The name that appears in the UI, e.g. English (Acme)
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