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Common questions and answers for those migrating from MS Access to OO.o Base.

This is a user community effort - add to the knowledge base if you can.

Please however try to keep the questions and answers general. If there is an answer regarding a feature specifc version of MSA then include the version number also.

Specifically, please only update the wiki if you have an answer for the question you are adding. For asking specific questions or for general help it would be appropriate to then ask on either the Base Forum or the Base users mailing list.

Can I read my Base database from MS Access?

There is no way to use the table linking mechanisim in Access to connect to a Base database.

It is possible for a Base database to update data in the Access database. At this time this will require however that the Access database be opened and locked by the Base file.

Data could also be passed back to the Access database by creating a linked CSV file in the Base database. Then linking to this CSV file to a table in the Access database.

Can I create a Switchboard in Base?

Is a Form in Base different from a Form in MSA?

Where are the Delete / Upate queries?

I want to filter my form based on the contents of a combobox?

Converting my VBA modules to Base modules

What happened to me?

Where is findfirst?

How do I set the filter for a sub-form only?

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