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Base's JDBC bridge - the database driver to access database with an JDBC compliant driver - allows to log its activity. For this, the driver uses a logger named "org.openoffice.sdbc.jdbcBridge".

Quick start

Say you want to see erros which happen in an JDBC driver. With the Basic macros found in the overview article, this boils down to

  • execute
  setLogLevel( "org.openoffice.sdbc.jdbcBridge", com.sun.star.logging.LogLevel.SEVERE )

(See the overview for how to tweak more parameters of the logger.)

  • (maybe restart OpenOffice.org)
  • do whatever needs to be logged
  • look into the log file, which is $(userurl)/org.openoffice.sdbc.jdbcBridge.log

Logged Events

Below are lists of which events are logged at which log level. Note that if you enable logging for a certain level, then all events of this level and above are logged. Below, the levels are in decreasing order.


  • a driver class which has not been set up correctly
  • a failure in obtaining the JDBC connection which is to be bridged
  • most (if not all) exceptions thrown by the JDBC driver


No events are logged at this level.


  • connecting to a database, and shutting down of connections
  • successful retrieving of a system JDBC connection (note: up to OpenOffice.org 2.3.x, this was at LogLevel::FINE)


No events are logged at this level.


  • statement related connection activity, such as creation and preparation of statements and calls
  • execution and disposal of statements (note: up to OpenOffice.org 2.3.x, this was at LogLevel::INFO)
  • executeQuery and executeUpdate calls (note: up to OpenOffice.org 2.3.x, this was at LogLevel::INFO)
  • setting the escape processing of a statement (note: up to OpenOffice.org 2.3.x, this was at LogLevel::INFO)


  • setting certain statement attributes such as fetch direction and fetch size
  • setting parameters of a prepared statement
  • translating SQL statements to native SQL
  • the update count of statements
  • the properties forwarded to the java.lang.System.setProperty before loading the system's JDBC driver (note: this is new with OpenOffice.org 2.3.1 resp. 2.4)


  • meta data activitiy, such as asking for database properties and settings
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