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[15:01]	<hdu_hh>	Meeting?
[15:02]	<fne_>	meeting!
[15:03]	<hdu_hh>	I'm not seeing new nicks in the chat, so I guess we should skip "Welcome new devs joining Mac OS X port"
[15:03]	<hdu_hh>	2. Current state of the open child workspaces
[15:03]	<hdu_hh>	CWS hotmac and sb95 are still being tested
[15:04]	<hdu_hh>	they fix important stability issues
[15:05]	<hdu_hh>	I'm working on another reported issue, that is eventually also worthy of OOo3.0
[15:05]	<hdu_hh>	Are there any other news from CWSses?
[15:06]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: yes
[15:06]	<fne_>	not from my side
[15:06]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: Florian Heckl started to look at appleremote01
[15:06]	<ericb2>	and I'd like to have your opinion about ogltrans4mac
[15:07]	<ericb2>	ssa provided me some important code, and I would like to commit the part I was not able to write, adding the mention : author of this part is ssa (or something clear like that)
[15:07]	<hdu_hh>	ericb2: I haven't looked much into it, stability problems are more urgent
[15:08]	<hdu_hh>	ericb2: we usually add a (thanks XXX) to the CVS commit if the code isn't from ourselves
[15:09]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: ok, then I'll do like that: wwe wrote a common part (difficult to do differently) , and I'll mention what was essential and written by ssa
[15:09]	<hdu_hh>	sounds good to me
[15:09]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: waiting, we cannot fix the flicker, because I didn't commit anything yet
[15:09]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: eggs chicken problem
[15:09]	<ericb2>	s/eggs/egg/
[15:10]	<hdu_hh>	sure
[15:10]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: FYI, the two implementations give the same issue
[15:11]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: that's why I think this is not OpenGL related, but I can be wrong, nothing isi sure
[15:11]	<ericb2>	s/isi/is/
[15:11]	<hdu_hh>	did thb look at the problem and did he comment on it yet?
[15:11]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: no, because he prefers to read the code from the cvs
[15:12]	<hdu_hh>	ericb2: I understand that
[15:12]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: I'll commit everything tonight
[15:13]	<ericb2>	before to go at work, I'd like to add : we need help to write specs on the wiki
[15:13]	<ericb2>	for the remote, the OGLtrans, the Applescript, and maybe the proxy icon too
[15:13]	<ericb2>	+ what I forgot
[15:14]	<ericb2>	again, it's question to not wait for the last moment and explain the one who do not write code, that they can contribute and be very helpfull this way
[15:14]	<hdu_hh>	I saw your mail on the porting ooo mailing list for that
[15:15]	<ericb2>	the one who write code are welcome too ;-)
[15:15]	<hdu_hh>	+1 :-)
[15:15]	<hdu_hh>	something different: does anyone else have a CWS based on >=DEV300_m31?
[15:16]	<ericb2>	only DEV300_m30
[15:16]	-->|	amb (n=amb_home@aud25-1-88-166-8-11.fbx.proxad.net) has joined #ooo_macport
[15:16]	<hdu_hh>	ok
[15:17]	<hdu_hh>	ah, I meant m30
[15:17]	<ericb2>	bye all
[15:17]	|<--	ericb2 has left freenode ("Success !!")
[15:17]	<fne_>	bye
[15:18]	<hdu_hh>	I'm asking because here is the trick to enable one of the features of aw033 you might appreciate:
[15:18]	<hdu_hh>	1. rm -r ~/Library/Application\ Support/OpenOffice*/*/user/registry/cache/
[15:19]	<hdu_hh>	2. then edit <instdir>/share/registry/schema/org/openoffice/Office/Common.xcs
[15:20]	<hdu_hh>	and set the node "AntiAliasing" from "false" to "true"
[15:20]	<hdu_hh>	I have no idea, why it is disabled by default :-/
[15:22]	-->|	grahamperrin (n=grahampe@macbookpro03.centrim.freeman-centre.ac.uk) has joined #ooo_macport
[15:22]	<hdu_hh>	and everyone is sure that this drawinglayer-rework introduced regressions, so I'm asking devs to enable it and look at it with a watchful eye
[15:23]	<hdu_hh>	anything else or are we ready for 3. RoundTable
[15:23]	<fne_>	I think we are already there ;-)
[15:24]	<hdu_hh>	yup, I just saw that eric left
[15:24]	<hdu_hh>	hi grahamperrin!
[15:24]	<hdu_hh>	I think we can close todays meeting now?
[15:24]	<hdu_hh>	3
[15:24]	<hdu_hh>	2
[15:24]	<hdu_hh>	1
[15:25]	<hdu_hh>	bye!
[15:26]	<hdu_hh>	the meeting log will be available at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Log_Mac_Meeting_September_3rd_2008
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