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[15:08] <hdu_hh> should we start without ericb2 or paveljanik, even though they wrote the agenda and scheduled the meeting? [15:09] <obr> hdu_hh: Pavel just joined ;-) [15:10] <hdu_hh> ok, let's proceed then. [15:10] <pjout> I haven't wrote the agenda. [15:10] <mav_eric> the agenda was mostly written bei Eric [15:10] <hdu_hh> pjout: you would be missed in the chat though ;-) [15:11] <hdu_hh> Since most players are around, lets start [15:12] <hdu_hh> 1. welcome new developers! [15:12] <hdu_hh> fne: welcome Frank! [15:12] <fne> hi folks [15:12] <hdu_hh> fne: would you like to introduce yourself? [15:12] <ismael_> hi [15:12] <fne> of couse, my name is frank and i started working for sun this monday [15:13] <fne> i switched to mac one year ago and i am using OOo for many years now [15:14] <fne> my first task ist to work on the accessibility feature of the mac port [15:14] <hdu_hh> fne: I'm looking forward to work with you [15:14] <fne> thank you [15:14] <hdu_hh> are there more new devs? [15:14] * obr too ;-) [15:16] <hdu_hh> 2. latest Cocoa news: last fixes, aquavcl03, other CWS [15:16] <hdu_hh> aquavcl03 was ready for QA until a P1 on master required a rebuild :-/ [15:17] <hdu_hh> other than that it looks quite good to me [15:17] <hdu_hh> even the buttons are animated now ;-) Thanks PL! [15:19] <hdu_hh> mikesic: I saw you started working on sound and quicktime integration :-) What's the name of your CWS? [15:22] * hdu_hh doesn't see mikesic anymore but I didn't see a "has left either"... [15:23] <hdu_hh> tino: we just talked, but would you give a quick update on DragAndDrop? [15:23] <tino> hdu_hh: sure [15:24] <tino> I'm continuing my D&D work and recently got hit by a problem... [15:26] <tino> The OOo D&D interfaces as designed 7 years ago make implementing D&D on Mac OS X due to technical constraints of the Mac platform difficult [15:26] <tino> Herbert, Oliver and me were discussing possible solutions a few minutes ago [15:27] <tino> At the moment there is one solution on the table that remains to be tried [15:28] <tino> If it works we are fine and will have D&D soon ... if not... :( [15:28] <tino> But even in case this first option doesn't work we will find a solution [15:28] <tino> For details see #79620 [15:28] <IZBot> porting TASK STARTED P3 Implement Drag&Drop for OOo on Mac OS X http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=79620 [15:29] <tino> So much for D&D atm [15:30] <hdu_hh> any other points we need to discuss? [15:31] <mav_eric> hdu_hh: I just wanted to announce that we will be present at MacLiveExpo in Cologne Germany from Nov. 15 to Nov. 18 2007 [15:32] <jsi_sun> mav_eric: yeah [15:32] <mav_eric> for more infos on macliveexpo see http://www.macliveexpo.de/ [15:32] <tino> mav_eric: Nice! [15:32] <hdu_hh> mav_eric: great! Ericb2 seemed to have very good feedback from the similar (?) Apple Expo in Paris :-) [15:32] <mav_eric> at the moment uwe, jsi_sun and me will be present [15:33] <mav_eric> other volunteers welcomed [15:33] <jsi_sun> paveeeellll...? [15:33] <mav_eric> hdu_hh: looks like [15:33] <ismael_> no news from me as i had a very busy september [15:33] <mav_eric> hdu_hh: yes the fairs are similiar but the one in Cologne is newer and not that recognized yet [15:34] <hdu_hh> mav_eric: we'll have an even better version by then... [15:34] <pjout> jsi_sun: I am here [15:34] <mav_eric> hdu_hh: I hope so :-) [15:35] <jsi_sun> pjout: time to visit Germany Nov -> Cologne? [15:35] <mav_eric> hdu_hh: it's all about beeing present and showing the progress [15:35] <pjout> jsi: I do not have my calendar here [15:35] * mav_eric would be very interested in meeting pjout in person [15:35] <hdu_hh> mav_eric: we definitely have something to show :-) Thanks a lot for volunteering! [15:35] <jsi_sun> pjout: would be great... [15:36] <pjout> isthere an airport close to the city? or how far it is from Prague? [15:36] <mav_eric> hdu_hh: say thanks to ericb he coaxed me into this and I have help from our experienced fair team [15:37] <mav_eric> pjout: the airport would be Cologne/Bonn [15:37] <pjout> ok, I'll have a look in the evening [15:37] <jsi_sun> pjout: yes [15:38] <hdu_hh> pjout: I'm sure there is a direct train too... [15:38] <mav_eric> pjout: and from the airport you can take the underground to the exhibition center http://www.expoxxi.de/eoev21/client/en/cologne.aspx?page=37 [15:38] <jsi_sun> pjout: Flughafen Koeln/Bonn [15:39] <mav_eric> http://www.expoxxi.de/eoev21/client/en/cologne.aspx?page=21 [15:40] <hdu_hh> Are there any other items to discuss? [15:40] <mav_eric> someone else interested to come and help? [15:44] |<-- raphaelb has left freenode (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) [15:46] <hdu_hh> volunteers please contact mav_eric or ask in the chat [15:46] <mav_eric> hdu_hh: ok. [15:46] <hdu_hh> next item: next aqua CWS [15:47] <hdu_hh> I suggest to wait till CWS aquavcl03 is settled before opening a new one [15:48] <hdu_hh> there are just too many important changes in it [15:48] <hdu_hh> I suggest to delay starting aquavcl04 until at least monday [15:53] <hdu_hh> other than yet: time for the next meeting? [15:53] <mav_eric> hdu_hh: again on thursday or back to wednesday? [15:55] <hdu_hh> I suggest to go back to Wednesday [15:55] <jsi_sun> obr: Is the PPC mac mini in use @hh ? [15:56] <obr> jsi_sun: you mean if someone is currently connected ? [15:57] <jsi_sun> obr: no, if it would be possible to get it for use... next week or so... [15:58] <obr> jsi_sun: shouldn't be a problem, would check with kr to be safe [15:58] <jsi_sun> obr: ah I will see himt tomorrow... I will ask. Thx [15:59] <hdu_hh> how about the next meeting next Wednesday 13:00 UTC? [15:59] <mav_eric> hdu_hh: +1 [16:00] <hdu_hh> mav_eric: thanks! So be it :-) [16:00] <mav_eric> hdu_hh: I need to leave now so I gave my vote [16:01] <mav_eric> bye [16:01] <jsi_sun> bye mav_eric [16:01] <hdu_hh> The log will be at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Previous_Mac_Meeting_logs [16:01] <fne> bye [16:01] <hdu_hh> thanks everyone for attending

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