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[15:01] <hdu_hh> meeting? [15:01] <fne> meeting! [15:02] <hdu_hh> our WWDC attendes wanted to show up if possible, but it doesn"t look so [15:03] <hdu_hh> 1) welcome new contributors [15:04] <hdu_hh> only known names here, just one new: inco [15:04] <hdu_hh> inco: would you like to introduce yourself? [15:05] === inco <n=gnito@set25-1-88-166-170-28.fbx.proxad.net> [15:05] === inco: member of #ooo_macport, #fr.openoffice.org, and #education.openoffice.org [15:05] === inco: attached to irc.freenode.net ‚http://freenode.net/ [15:05] --- End of WHOIS information for inco. [15:06] -->| PhilippL has joined #ooo_macport [15:06] =-= Mode #ooo_macport +o PhilippL by ChanServ [15:06] <hdu_hh> hi PhilippL!!! [15:06] <PhilippL> hi [15:07] <PhilippL> so, the xor selection problem I saw on aquavcl08 [15:07] <PhilippL> If it is not in aquabmpfix02, then I'm happy. [15:07] <hdu_hh> me too :-) [15:07] <PhilippL> did you see it in aquavcl08 ? [15:08] <hdu_hh> since aquabmpfix02 was joined into aquavcl08 I"d be surprised if there were differences [15:09] <PhilippL> my thinking, too, that's why I'm wondering [15:09] <hdu_hh> let me check [15:10] <hdu_hh> don"t have an uptodate aquavcl08 +> later [15:10] <hdu_hh> PhilippL: any news for OOo from WWDC? [15:10] <PhilippL> Nothing ground shaking like the abandonig of carbon. [15:11] <PhilippL> but they gave us lots of pointers for various things [15:11] <fne> I read on heise.de that OS X 10.6 will no longer support Carbon [15:12] <PhilippL> They are reducing carbon even more, yes. [15:12] <PhilippL> And from now on the thing to do is provide a unified binary 32/64 bit [15:12] <hdu_hh> relevant for us? [15:12] <PhilippL> (which we can't do) [15:13] <hdu_hh> i mean: are the carbon-reductions in OSX relevant for us? [15:13] <PhilippL> Well it is relevant to us if OOo doesnt run anymore :-) [15:13] <PhilippL> They did not say what they actually will remove. [15:14] <hdu_hh> I like their approach to backwards compatibility [15:14] <hdu_hh> if we did the same it would save us a lot of work [15:14] <PhilippL> and a lot of users ... [15:15] <PhilippL> Anyway we saw an interesting apple scripting session. [15:15] <hdu_hh> with the right marketing it is obviously an easy sell [15:15] <hdu_hh> have a look at the AAPL stock ticker... [15:15] <PhilippL> also voice commands and a few other interesting things. [15:16] <PhilippL> the AAPL ticker I would at the moment compare to nokia rather. [15:17] <PhilippL> Of course the new iPhone is all the rage here. [15:17] <PhilippL> Actually one could probably do a port to iPhone, but one would really have to use cocoa widgets then. [15:18] <PhilippL> But the hardware seems to be capable enough. [15:18] <PhilippL> Well, good luck for anyone trying :-) [15:19] <hdu_hh> PhilippL: I"ll try: get me a few of those thingies [15:19] <PhilippL> ;-) [15:20] <PhilippL> Accessibiltywise I met those Apple engineers and they said we're on a good way. [15:20] <fne> nice try hdu_hh [15:21] <hdu_hh> fne: :-) [15:21] <fne> PhilippL: cool, thanks [15:21] <fne> did you meet Patti Hoa? [15:22] * obr got some e-mail asking which developers might be interested in/capable of creating an ODF viewer for the iPhone [15:22] <PhilippL> Uh, no, one Douglas Davidson and (Jack ?) Dempsey [15:22] <fne> James Dempsey [15:23] <PhilippL> sorry, yes, james [15:23] <fne> i see, they are both involved in the NSAccessibility protocol itself, Patti is a VoiceOver developer. she gave much valuable input [15:24] <fne> if you see them again, give them a big "thank you" from me [15:24] <PhilippL> They gave a very good demo here. They have a blind QA engineer and he showed us through a session with iTunes and iMail. [15:24] <PhilippL> fne: will do. [15:25] <hdu_hh> any other feedback on OOo from WWDC+attendees? [15:25] <PhilippL> It's amazing, in real life it seems blin people turn up the voiceover speed to where mere mortals like me cannot understand what the speaker is saying anymore. [15:26] <PhilippL> well, the people we met all said they were glad OOo came to MacOSX natively. [15:26] <PhilippL> Everybody is very polite here :-) [15:26] <hdu_hh> they better be :-) [15:27] <PhilippL> In the meantim we seem to have fixed some issues that e.g. Douglas found with the beta and produced some new ones :-) [15:27] <PhilippL> The selection thing being the most visible. [15:27] <hdu_hh> PhilippL: confirming the scroll problems you saw in aquavcl08 [15:27] <hdu_hh> please the the join [15:28] <PhilippL> hdu_hh: pardon ? [15:28] <hdu_hh> please check that the joining went well [15:28] <PhilippL> It did without conflicts and built afterwards, what else would I look for ? [15:28] <hdu_hh> I"ll check too [15:29] <PhilippL> thanks [15:30] <PhilippL> what time is it actually ? Was the meeting already ? [15:30] <hdu_hh> did you distribute the OOo build to some multiplicators? [15:30] <hdu_hh> it 15:30 here [15:30] <hdu_hh> this is the meeting [15:30] <PhilippL> Oh ! [15:31] <hdu_hh> and you are the star guest!!! :-) [15:31] <PhilippL> I distributed the OOo version to Douglas, he will make some copies I assume. [15:31] <fne> PhilippL: you just hopped into "#1 welcome new developers" [15:31] <PhilippL> oops, sorry. [15:31] <hdu_hh> no problem [15:31] <fne> there wasn't any, so this is much more interesting [15:31] <hdu_hh> +1 [15:32] <hdu_hh> anything else, or should we proceed to 2) status of CWSses [15:33] <hdu_hh> no objections so: 2) status of child workspaces [15:33] <hdu_hh> aquavcl08 needs some love... [15:33] <fne> aqua11y02 is in its final stage and should be ready for QA by the middle of next week [15:34] <hdu_hh> aquabmpfix02 is almost approved by QA, except one issue cannot be verified because there is no OSX10.4 in QA anymore :-( [15:34] <PhilippL> hdu_hh: use so-mac2 ? [15:34] <hdu_hh> PhilippL: can you send WG the login details? [15:34] <PhilippL> you'll have to bring your own mouse, though. [15:34] <hdu_hh> BYOM, so to say [15:35] <fne> today and tomorrow they could use my Mini, I have dual-boot and I am working from home [15:35] <fne> just call me, so i can unlock the desktopn via VNC [15:37] <hdu_hh> I"ll tell WG [15:37] <hdu_hh> as far as I see the three most critical bugs you+PL+me fixed were only visible on 10.4 [15:38] <fne> japp, ericb sent me a crash stacktrace today. that issue only occurs on Tiger [15:38] <PhilippL> yes, that one I forgot to mention. Any idea ? [15:39] <fne> issue 90575 [15:39] <IZBot> porting DEFECT RESOLVED FIXED P2 [aqua11y] Crash probably linked with accessibility bridge http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=90575 [15:39] <PhilippL> oh, good ! [15:39] <fne> you mean that one? [15:39] <PhilippL> yes, that one. [15:40] <fne> the NSPopUp-thingy called accessibility even when a11y is deactivated on Tiger [15:40] <fne> sick [15:40] <PhilippL> ah, yes. [15:40] <hdu_hh> PhilippL: is it possible for us to get direct access into Apple"s bugtracking system? [15:41] <PhilippL> as much as you have already with your apple developer account. [15:41] <hdu_hh> so we could watch the status of these bugs and prod the developers with urgent milestones and high priorities? [15:41] <hdu_hh> such as in our nice issuetracker? [15:41] <PhilippL> If I remember correctly, you cannot search very well and only see the issues you filed yourself. [15:42] <hdu_hh> I start to appreciate Apples ways... [15:42] <PhilippL> Actually they told me to file two new isses [15:42] <PhilippL> one of multi page format print jobs. [15:43] <PhilippL> and one for setting the language as an attribute so voiceover can read a multilingual doc [15:43] <hdu_hh> BTW: when will ATSUI wither away? [15:44] <PhilippL> From there point of view it has :-) [15:44] <hdu_hh> :-( [15:44] <PhilippL> I'll ask again when I meet someone from coretext today. [15:44] <hdu_hh> ah, thanks! Looking forward to this. [15:47] <hdu_hh> anything else? or is it time for 3) RoundTable [15:48] <PhilippL> I think we arrived there already :-) [15:48] <hdu_hh> I had the same impression :-) [15:49] <fne> i think 3) is done ;-) [15:49] <hdu_hh> +1 from me [15:49] <hdu_hh> last chance to speak up... [15:49] <hdu_hh> 3... [15:49] <fne> or remain silent forever... [15:49] <hdu_hh> or next week [15:50] <fne> ;-) [15:50] <hdu_hh> or anytime the famous IRC #ooo_macport opens its super secret doors [15:50] <hdu_hh> 2... [15:50] <hdu_hh> 1... [15:50] <fne> is this ebay? [15:51] <hdu_hh> iBay [15:51] <hdu_hh> 0 [15:51] <hdu_hh> good by everyone!

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