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[2008-01-09 14:13:35] <PhilippL> 1. Welcome new devs joining Mac OS X port
[2008-01-09 14:13:39] <PhilippL> anybody new ?
[2008-01-09 14:14:15] <PhilippL> 2. Current state of the open CWS's
[2008-01-09 14:14:34] <PhilippL> aquavcl04 just got the last issues verified, so should be approved today
[2008-01-09 14:15:14] <PhilippL> As soon as the next master containing aquavcl04 is availabl I'll resync aquavcl05
[2008-01-09 14:17:26] <fne> in aqua11y01 we are curently working on basic text support. when ready, VoiceOver will read the document content to the user. after that is done we should have a fairly usable state...
[2008-01-09 14:18:10] <PhilippL> sound good.
[2008-01-09 14:18:26] <PhilippL> what's up with the installation issue ?
[2008-01-09 14:18:45] <PhilippL> aka dmgunarchive
[2008-01-09 14:19:34] <fne> dunno, i think obr is on it...
[2008-01-09 14:19:48] <tinor_> cws macosxdnd will soon be "Ready for QA" the main work is done, meaning Cocoa based DnD has been implemented and works fine so far. The only remaining feature that need to be implemented is support for FileLists. I encourage everbody to check out and try DnD from this cws. jsi_sun volunteered as QA rep in the first place.
[2008-01-09 14:19:54] <jsi_sun> hi
[2008-01-09 14:20:05] [INFO] 2 matches for ``tinor'': [tinor_, tinor]
[2008-01-09 14:20:16] <PhilippL> tinor_: will you resync to a aquvcl04 version ?
[2008-01-09 14:20:24] <tinor_> PhilippL: You might want to have a look at the changes I did in VCL on macosxdnd
[2008-01-09 14:20:29] <jsi_sun> BTW - aquavcl04 will be approved TODAY! :-)
[2008-01-09 14:20:45] <PhilippL> great !
[2008-01-09 14:20:49] <ericb2> nativeprintdlg01 will be soon ready for QA too. Just waiting for a QA resp. Some issues remaining will be considered in another cws to be created
[2008-01-09 14:20:53] <fne> jsi_sun: great, i'm waiting for it :-)
[2008-01-09 14:21:04] <tinor_> PhilippL: If aquavcl04 is in the master - sure
[2008-01-09 14:21:14] [INFO] 2 matches for ``tinor'': [tinor_, tinor]
[2008-01-09 14:21:27] <jsi_sun> tinor:  will be soon... es has promised to set the issues to VERIFIED now
[2008-01-09 14:21:33] <PhilippL> tinor_: with luck in a OOGm2 / SRC680m243
[2008-01-09 14:21:42] <jsi_sun> PhilippL:  OOH
[2008-01-09 14:21:52] <PhilippL> yes, OOH
[2008-01-09 14:22:09] <jsi_sun> PhilippL:  Shall I asked RE if it is possible?
[2008-01-09 14:22:10] <tinor_> PhilippL: Ok, will wait for the next milestone containing aquavcl04
[2008-01-09 14:22:17] <ericb2> PhilippL: is OOH 2.4.1 ?
[2008-01-09 14:22:36] <PhilippL> ericb2: no, 2.4.0
[2008-01-09 14:22:49] <jsi_sun> PhilippL:  2.4.x ;-)
[2008-01-09 14:22:55] <ericb2> PhilippL: well, I believd aquavcl04 would not be in 2.4.x
[2008-01-09 14:23:14] <jsi_sun> ericb2:  hehe and I told you it will be...
[2008-01-09 14:23:15] <PhilippL> ericb2: After you insisted it goes to 2.4 ?
[2008-01-09 14:23:27] <ericb2> PhilippL: I didn't insist
[2008-01-09 14:23:37] <ericb2> PhilippL: I have tried to understand
[2008-01-09 14:23:40] <PhilippL> ericb2: whatever you call it, you convinced mh
[2008-01-09 14:24:17] <ericb2> PhilippL: the reason why I changed the owner was because I believed it will not be in 2.4.x
[2008-01-09 14:24:26] <ericb2> PhilippL: but that's nice to see it will be
[2008-01-09 14:24:27] <jsi_sun> PhilippL:  Also from the QA department we have requested the 2.4 as target for aquavcl04 to get another technical preview release
[2008-01-09 14:25:19] <PhilippL> jsi_sun: well, we need the fix for the file picker in 2.4 then, too.
[2008-01-09 14:25:34] <jsi_sun> PhilippL:  yes
[2008-01-09 14:25:42] <PhilippL> jsi_sun: which would mean that aquafilepicker02 needs to be ready for QA next week.
[2008-01-09 14:25:51] <ericb2> PhilippL: I have seen Florian Heckl removed the NSInteger from aquafilepicker02
[2008-01-09 14:26:01] <ericb2> PhilippL: chould build on Tiger now
[2008-01-09 14:26:04] <ericb2> should
[2008-01-09 14:26:13] <jsi_sun> PhilippL:  yes, tm has it on his list to start asap with it... (i will use my phone now :-)
[2008-01-09 14:28:48] <PhilippL> what is with the remaining issues in that CWS ?
[2008-01-09 14:29:27] <jsi_sun> PhilippL:  I would volunteer as QA rep for that CWS and will share some work with colleagues....
[2008-01-09 14:29:31] <ericb2> PhilippL: it was not buildable on Tiger
[2008-01-09 14:29:51] <PhilippL> should we perhaps merge out the current fpicker for a 2.4 CWS ?
[2008-01-09 14:30:57] <jsi_sun> PhilippL:  it would be great if we have a small problem in it to have no other trouble on that code base
[2008-01-09 14:31:52] <PhilippL> ok, I'll prepare a split off CWS cotaining the cocoa migration (which fixes our problem) and leav aquafilepicker02 untouched.
[2008-01-09 14:32:05] * obr hopes to start working on dmgunarchive tomorrow
[2008-01-09 14:32:26] <PhilippL> and of course I'll drop florian a note about that.
[2008-01-09 14:34:16] <PhilippL> other CWS news ?
[2008-01-09 14:35:01] <tinor_> Is there anybody who could do a PPC build of macosxdnd?
[2008-01-09 14:39:13] <PhilippL> 3. Roundtable
[2008-01-09 14:39:48] <cloph> tinor_: I could do one (on Tiger)
[2008-01-09 14:40:13] -->| dave_largo (n=drichard@ has joined #ooo_macport
[2008-01-09 14:40:28] <tinor_> cloph: That would be great would that run on Leopard as well then?
[2008-01-09 14:40:30] <cloph> (what language do you need? en-US only?)
[2008-01-09 14:40:58] <tinor_> cloph: en-us would be sufficient at the moment
[2008-01-09 14:41:14] <cloph> Probably depends on whether it is based on a master that has the leopardfix integrated (that's how I understand it)
[2008-01-09 14:41:49] <tinor_> cloph: The cws is on m241
[2008-01-09 14:42:37] <cloph> So it should be OK.
[2008-01-09 14:43:45] <ericb2> PhilippL: btw, I had some flickering effects with m240 + aquavcl05
[2008-01-09 14:44:00] <ericb2> PhilippL: but maybe this is because I added aquavcl05 changes to aquavcl04
[2008-01-09 14:44:17] <ericb2> PhilippL: flickering occurs with buttons, on Leopard only
[2008-01-09 14:44:21] <tinor_> cloph: Fine, I welcome your help (some of my colleagues who are keen on testing DnD as well)
[2008-01-09 14:44:42] <PhilippL> ericb2: If so we will see that when aquavcl05 is resynced.
[2008-01-09 14:45:03] <ericb2> PhilippL: ok, I'll do a build too
[2008-01-09 14:50:41] <PhilippL> So that's it for today ?
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