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[2008-02-06 14:02:38] <PhilippL> meeting time
[2008-02-06 14:02:44] <fne> hi
[2008-02-06 14:03:15] <PhilippL> 1. Welcome new devs joining Mac OS X port
[2008-02-06 14:03:19] <PhilippL> Anyone new ?
[2008-02-06 14:04:02] <PhilippL> 2. Current state of the open CWS's
[2008-02-06 14:04:14] <PhilippL> A word of caution: feature freeze draws near.
[2008-02-06 14:04:20] -->| Fridrich (n=fridrich@148-43.1-85.cust.bluewin.ch) has joined #ooo_macport
[2008-02-06 14:04:20] =-= Mode #ooo_macport +o Fridrich  by ChanServ
[2008-02-06 14:04:43] <PhilippL> That means CWSs should be "Ready for QA" within - say - end of next week.
[2008-02-06 14:04:59] <PhilippL> Else they will not pass QA before the deadline.
[2008-02-06 14:05:09] <fne> aqua11y01 will not be feature-complete in the beta of OOo, but fairly usable. this is due to the delay because of insufficient documentation of apple. right now we have to look for a new AQ Rep
[2008-02-06 14:05:18] <PhilippL> Which they may not anyhow since there are of 70 CWS for 3.0 in the queue already.
[2008-02-06 14:06:31] <PhilippL> aquavcl05 is currently rather busy. I will resync it to m246 when that get's ready. This should go RfQ Friday next week.
[2008-02-06 14:07:12] <PhilippL> I hope that we can get aquafilepicker02 RfQ, too, within next week.
[2008-02-06 14:08:43] <PhilippL> Any other CWS news ?
[2008-02-06 14:09:24] <PhilippL> 3. Roundtable
[2008-02-06 14:09:35] <annimar> nice, hi
[2008-02-06 14:10:17] <annimar> I'm just interested in the project and wanted to know what's going on
[2008-02-06 14:10:33] <annimar> It seems like the homepage fr the mac port is abit outdating
[2008-02-06 14:10:47] <PhilippL> certainly.
[2008-02-06 14:10:49] <annimar> do you intend to update e.g. the roadmap?
[2008-02-06 14:11:37] <PhilippL> Hmm, the roadmap is at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X_Porting_-_Roadmap
[2008-02-06 14:11:45] <PhilippL> At least that's the one I know :-)
[2008-02-06 14:11:55] <PhilippL> It is kept mostly up to date.
[2008-02-06 14:12:24] <annimar> Ah okay, I found another one, I'll se if I can find it again... one minute
[2008-02-06 14:12:45] <annimar> ah okay, it was the "timeline": http://porting.openoffice.org/mac/timeline.html
[2008-02-06 14:13:59] <annimar> Do you intend to ship an aqua beta together with the first beta of 3.0 in April/may?
[2008-02-06 14:14:16] <PhilippL> Yes, that one should be updated.
[2008-02-06 14:14:38] <PhilippL> And yes, aqua beta is intended to ship with general 3.0 beta.
[2008-02-06 14:14:52] <annimar> that's great news
[2008-02-06 14:16:22] <PhilippL> Any other points ?
[2008-02-06 14:16:31] <fne> not from my side...
[2008-02-06 14:16:35] <annimar> It seemed rather difficult to see what you're working on right now. Would it be possible to write a news item that clears up the status quo and where you're heading?!
[2008-02-06 14:17:20] <PhilippL> What kind of information would you want ?
[2008-02-06 14:17:40] <PhilippL> Currently I'm working on quickstart services.
[2008-02-06 14:18:36] <annimar> Perhaps a new screenshots of the current build and some info on your proposed timeline, so that the mac news site can pick this up. I see this more like a marketing thing, you know.
[2008-02-06 14:19:17] <PhilippL> Sure. Any volunteers ?
[2008-02-06 14:19:39] |<-- thorsten has left freenode ("Leaving.")
[2008-02-06 14:19:46] <annimar> I would, if I knew what's going on. :-)
[2008-02-06 14:19:49] <PhilippL> Obviously not thorsten :-)
[2008-02-06 14:19:53] <fne> ;-)
[2008-02-06 14:20:44] <fne> annimar: I you actually need screenshots, you could get a milestone build of OOo an make them on your own (ftp://ooopackages.good-day.net/pub/OpenOffice.org/MacOSX/SRC680_m245/)
[2008-02-06 14:21:05] <Fridrich> PhilippL: surely, I can ask my manager to force him to volunteer :_)
[2008-02-06 14:21:32] <PhilippL> annimar: OTOH that is a snapshot of what is already integrated, not what's going on.
[2008-02-06 14:21:37] <PhilippL> Fridrich: ;-)
[2008-02-06 14:21:39] <annimar> fne: how old are these builds?
[2008-02-06 14:22:16] <PhilippL> They contain aquavcl04, that is they are not much changed since early january.
[2008-02-06 14:22:20] <fne> annimar: they are a few days old, but as Philip said, they do not contain work that is nor completed
[2008-02-06 14:22:33] <fne> nor/not
[2008-02-06 14:23:31] -->| thorsten (n=me@pD953AD56.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #ooo_macport
[2008-02-06 14:23:31] =-= Mode #ooo_macport +o thorsten  by ChanServ
[2008-02-06 14:23:42] <fne> but they should give you a good impression
[2008-02-06 14:24:41] <PhilippL> Some overview: aquafilepicker02 improves the native file dialogs, macosxdnd implements Drag&Drop, nativeprintdialog01 implements using Cocoa's print dialog instead of our own, aqua11y01 implments accessibility support (e.g. screen reading) and aquavcl05 fixes tons of smaller stuff.
[2008-02-06 14:25:12] <annimar> fne: I'll take a look. But the information on getting these builds could very well be integrated in a status update as a news item.
[2008-02-06 14:25:19] <PhilippL> Then there's obr07, which does some housekeeping for the build.
[2008-02-06 14:25:33] <fne> annimar: we have a newsgroup, where this is posted
[2008-02-06 14:27:14] <annimar> fne: okay, I was just surfin' the web and thought I'd take a look at what's going on in your project and had a hard time to find any information. That's why I'm asking. Good to know that there are sources of information (like this meeting), but for me it wasn't too obvious.
[2008-02-06 14:27:29] <Fridrich> thorsten: during your absence we designated you as a volunteer for web-site updates :)
[2008-02-06 14:28:07] <fne> annimar: take a look here: http://porting.openoffice.org/servlets/SummarizeList?listName=mac (actually a mailing list, sorry)
[2008-02-06 14:28:28] <thorsten> Fridrich: hell, yeah. I have tons of time to fill now! :-)
[2008-02-06 14:29:22] <fne> annimar: and here i got the download link from: http://porting.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=mac&msgNo=6701
[2008-02-06 14:29:37] <Fridrich> :D
[2008-02-06 14:30:50] <PhilippL> annimar: you have a point though. We could post status updates to the list more often.
[2008-02-06 14:31:07] <fne> true
[2008-02-06 14:34:30] <annimar> okay, thanks for the clarification.
[2008-02-06 14:35:34] <PhilippL> Any other points ?
[2008-02-06 14:36:40] <PhilippL> OK, then I guess that's it for today.
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