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The following is a milestone plan for transition from the current l10n to the new l10n.

There are 2 separate project, which will be executed in parallel:

Information project

This project is the interface to offline translators, NLC and people interested in l10n.

The milestones are as follows

  • Update top pages of l10n.openoffice.org (Done, await RTC and commit)
  • Update all of l10n, remove/update old pages, so old pages have valid content (need RCT, lot of work for committer)
  • Update all of wiki localization/l10n
  • Make php script for upload/download/register/stat (must be done interactively with committer), here I could really used a skilled php programmer
  • Update country specific pages and contact NLC to get things running

Development project

This project is mainly developer and integrator oriented.

The milestones are as follows:

  • make SVN branch, to secure stability of AOO while implementing (must be done by committer)
  • change l10n tools to generate po files (changes will be quite often, and should be committed)
  • change build/make to include new target, I need someone to ping-pong with about the best way forward
  • QA !! here I could really use some help on how to test it
  • Merge with SVN main branch (needs committer), at this point: sdf files R.I.P.

The second phase awaits the outcome of a discussion with pootle people (can SVN be used, etc), but assuming yes:

  • Update Pootle server to work on SVN, here I need help since I have no access at all
  • activate php scripts
  • QA whole process, help would be appreciated (4 eyes are better than 2).
  • Merge with SVN main branch
  • update documentation.

it can be seen, that I need a lot of communication with a committer just for the pure work, I would anyhow appreciate input/comments from time to time.

The total calendar time needed is about 2 months, if the committer and I have a very close working order.

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