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Issue Tracker, formerly IssueZilla, is the software used for tracking bugs and feature requests for or issues from another type. It was forked long ago by CollabNet from Mozilla's Bugzilla.

External links

Tips and Tricks for IssueTracker


  • Issue_lifecycle explains what the Resolved and Status fields mean.
  • Issue Quick Links enables you to track a issue and which childworkspace (CWS) it belongs to.
  • FIXED means that an issue is resolved in a CWS, but not yet integrated into a master workspace / release build.
  • VERIFIED means that QA has verified the resolution in the CWS, which still isn't integrated into the master at that point.
  • CLOSED means the resolution is integrated in a master build. The release it will be available is indicated by the issue's Target milestone field. Again, the master build where the resolution is integrated may be obtained through the CWS query available at Issue Quick Links.

Tip: On this wiki you can use {{CWS}}, {{m}}, {{Bug}} templates to easily link to child workspaces, milestones and issues.

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