Integrated Performance Improvements

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Integrated Performance Improvements


In 2.1

  • pngperf Some performance enhancements which especially benefit Impress
    • #54953 Accelerate PNG import
    • #55136 avoid BitInt math in LogicToPixel conversion
    • #55170 Allow fast and nicer looking JPEG preview
    • #55174 Allow fast PNG preview
    • #67234 png export: limit the chunk size
    • #67237 jpeg export: use "jpeg progressive mode" for big images
  • #68520 Improve performance on text formatting, if a lot of objects (>50) have to be considered for text wrapping
  • #69915 Performance: Increase pack velocity ..
  • swqbf81 Improve performance with many drawing objects (>50) and text wrapping.
    • #68520 Improve performance on text formatting, if a lot of objects (>50) have to be considered for text wrapping
    • #69335 frames anchored to page have always "wrap through"]
  • #69058 shell/gconfbe: looks like a mem leak
  • #68960 Unnecessary broadcasts when loading documents from alien file formats

In 2.0.4

  • #66688 performance problem when loading many customshapes from the OpenDocument format
  • pmladek02
    • Marks up to use GCC4 symbol visibility attributes to improve startup performance in linux.
  • ww8perf01 Performance improvements for WW8 import in writer
    • #53055 WW8 imports could be faster
  • wordcountopt Optimize word count performance
    • #64985 Performance: Word count should be calculated during idle time
  • kdesettings3 Fix performance problems after inclusion of KDE Backend
    • #66204 kdesettings: Don't link KDE conf. backend in Gnome (and v.v.)
  • #50808 leak fix in svx/source/sdr/properties/e3dsceneproperties.cxx
  • #65292 One more leak in registry/inc/reader.hxx

In 2.0.3

  • tl16 Performance issues.
    • #55525 Performance: Updating the linguistic configuration after first start
  • calcperf02 Load/Save performance improvements for Calc
  • perform07
  • viewswitch Performance improvements regarding the switching between views
  • taskpane Task pane performance improvements.
  • mhu12 Memory alloc/free performance, e.g. large spreadsheet pathological issues
  • wot04 Fix Win98 GDI resource leak

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In 2.0.2

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In 2.0.1

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In 2.0.0

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