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* [[Infrastructure Upgrade]]
* [[Infrastructure Upgrade]]
* [[MediaWiki Configuration]]
* [[MediaWiki Configuration]]

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A rough overview of the OpenOffice.org technical site infrastructure will help us to review the Infrastructure_Requirements, analyze Infrastructure_Problems and work on solutions.

Main Site

The main site runs the collaborative software development framework SourceCast (now CEE) and is hosted by CollabNet. The main services include the source and web document repository (CVS), bug tracking (IssueTracker, formerly IssueZilla), mailing lists with archives, web publishing and user management with role based permissions. The site is structured with a hierarchy of categories containing projects. Additional functionality like document&file management, discussion forums and announcements is available but not extensively used.

The main site runs on a Solaris SPARC V880 machine. It is backed by HTTP server accelerators for static web content. Separate mail exchangers protected against virus/SPAM threats.

The main site is using the domainname openoffice.org and the virtual hosts contained therein.

Extended Services

The subdomain services.openoffice.org contains some machines running extended services. These include a read-only CVS server, a wiki, surveys and scripted applications specific to OpenOffice.org like EIS - hosted by Sun microsystems and maintained by Sun together with community members. A code snippet collection is provided by Tom Schindl, an active member of the API project.

A dedicated machine serves as the master for the file distribution to the mirror network. This includes the monitoring of the mirror network status. Additionally it allows the direct upload/download for a limited number of files.

Mirror Network

Files causing high traffic like installation sets, source tarballs, dictionaries, ... are delivered via the mirror network. A tiered network of more than 100 servers guarantee the reliable distribution of files via rsync/ftp/http. Furthermore P2P technologies are supported.

Satellite Sites

Satellite sites provide valuable supplemental functions for the specific needs of their target audience.

Examples are

  • LXR
  • Bonsai
  • Planet planet.go-oo.org
  • Discussion forums oooforums.org
  • Bittorrent Tracker

See also

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