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''A part of the [http://website.openoffice.org/ Website Project].''
= Team =
= Team =
* [[SZ|Stefan Zimmermann]]
* [[SZ|Stefan Zimmermann]]

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A part of the Website Project.


We use the mail alias mailto:dev@website.openoffice.org


  1. Information Sharing by Stefan
  2. Choosing the right communication channel by Martin
  3. Choosing the right communication channel /2 by Matthias
  4. OOo Website User Groups by Matthias
  5. OOo Website Structure by Matthias
  6. OOo Projects by Members by Matthias
    1. TreeMap Visualization
  7. OOo Wiki by Categories by Matthias

Other projects

  1. Alpha Centauri
  2. Deconstructing the www.netbeans.org Redesign by Jiri Mzourek
  3. pidgin - User:Cj says: clear separation between user and development, easy download, easy access to additional information
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