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Jump to: navigation, search project uses IRC for direct / immediate online communication:

IRC Network: Freenode ( User channel, please use this for questions related to OOo usage General channel (most developers) Specifications and development processes QA channel
#ooo-api (formerly API channel (related to API programming, SDK, developer documentation) Chart2 channel (related to the chart2 module, the re-implementation of the Chart)
#go-oo Heretical ooo-build / OO.o channel
#ooonlc Native Language Talk Room
#debian-oo Debian OO.o packaging channel German channel Italian channel Polish channel Czech channel Estonian channel Francophone channel Dutch channel
#OOoES Spanish Channel Germanophone channel to help with the Base-Modul of
#ooo_macport Native Mac OSX (Aqua) port of Developer channel
#ooo-ext Extensions channel

IRC info

  • New to IRC look here
  • Make sure you register your nick with freenode, just follow the instructions
  • If you like X-Chat but have to use windows sometimes, here is a free win32 version
  • A client for Mac OS X is Colloquy
  • To create a new channel:
 /join #new-channel-oo
 /msg chanserv register #new-channel-oo [password]
 /msg chanserv access #new-channel-oo add [who_should_autoop_there_1] [level]
 /msg chanserv access #new-channel-oo add [who_should_autoop_there_2_and_more] [level]
 /msg chanserv set #new-channel-oo guard on
 /msg chanserv level #new-channel set autoop [level-for-autoop]

Who is Whom ?

A list of people & accounts is available: DomainDeveloper

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