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List of patches applied to OOo's ICU module and bugs and patches submitted to ICU trac, the ICU bug tracking system.

If you really have to apply a patch to ICU to make things work, please submit that patch to ICU trac, so the next version of ICU will include the changes, and list your patch with ICU trac ID here. We strive for being able to build against an unpatched ICU, so that configure --with-system-icu will be possible without loosing functionality.

make RuleBasedBreakIterator::setBreakType() public

Using a locally constructed rule based line breakiterator may let ICU loop forever because of a missing fBreakType value. The patch is more a workaround, needing a proper solution.

ICU trac: (submitted as that got closed as a duplicate).

OOo patch developer: Karl Hong <khong>

don't access unaligned memory for rotten fonts

The title says it all.. some processor architectures don't allow unaligned memory access, but some rotten fonts don't care and in their header fields tell you to do so. Of course these TrueType fonts do work on Windows/x86 (not being one of those architectures), but people complained about crashes on other platforms, e.g. Solaris/SPARC, where they copied their fonts to.

ICU trac:

OOo patch developer: Herbert Duerr <hdu>

compile warning free

OOo build treats warnings as errors, so ICU header files included may break the build. Some are wrapped in a second include file using a compiler dependent #pragma ..., some are patched directly, depends on who encountered the problem.

ICU trac:

OOo patch developer: Caolan McNamara <cmc>

MinGW platform

Several patches to be able to build and use ICU on the Minimalist GNU for Windows platform.

TODO: gather who did all the work

TODO: make them file an ICU patch ;-)

Indic rendering

Several changes related to Indic rendering in ICU 3.8 were back-ported to OOo's ICU 3.6, see issue 72791

OOo patch developer: Herbert Duerr <hdu>

Problem with collator image rule for certain Unicode ranges

Wrong collation with image/binary rules for certain Unicode ranges, e.g. Khmer, see issue 78055.

ICU trac:

OOo developer: Karl Hong <khong>

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