How to build AOO on MacOSX 10.8

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I'm trying to make AOO buildable on the latest MacOSX 10.8 - Mountain Lion. As what we did on MacOSX 10.7, we have to install Xcode 3.2 with SDK 10.4u. There are still some build breaks for AOO, which need to solve one by one.

To install Xcode 3.2 on MacOSX 10.8

Please refer to [1]. You need to change "10.7" to "10.9". The machine will reboot and the system will meet "kernel panics" after install Xcode 3.2. You need to enter the "Safe Mode" and delete some files.

Press "shift" during startup to enter the "Safe Mode". Go to the dir "/System/Library/Extentions/". Delete the following files, which belong to Xcode 3.2 on MacOSX 10.6

    (1) AppleProfileFamily.kext
    (2) CHUDKernLib.kext
    (3) CHUDProf.kext
    (4) CHUDUtils.kext

Reboot the machine normally. Please refer to [2]

To install JVM

Go to dir "/Applications/Utilities/", launch "Java" to start to download JVM

To install command support package with Xcode 4.4

There is no commands like "make", "svn" in "/usr/bin" on MacOSX 10.8 with Xcode 3.2. You need to download Xcode 4.4, launch it, click on memu "Xcode / Preferences..." to popup a dialog, select "Downloads / Components", click to install "Command Line Tools"

To build AOO's source code

Open a terminal, run cmds as below

    svn co code
    cd code/main
    ./configure --with-dmake-url="" --with-epm-url="" --disable-build-mozilla --enable-category-b --enable-minimizer --enable-presenter-console --enable-wiki-publisher
    cd instsetoo_native
    build --all -P4

To solve build break #1

Module : accessibility

The original error message /Users/hchao/Apache/build/r1386978/main/solenv/bin/ -L../ -L/Users/hchao/Apache/build/r1386978/main/solver/350/ ../ Checking DLL ../ ...: ERROR: dlopen(../, 2): Symbol not found: _objc_exception_extract Referenced from: /Users/hchao/Apache/build/r1386978/main/solver/350/ Expected in: /Users/hchao/Apache/build/r1386978/main/solver/350/

dmake: Error code 1, while making '../' dmake: '../' removed. Running processes: 0 ERROR: error 65280 occurred while making /Users/hchao/Apache/build/r1386978/main/accessibility/util

Root cause : There is no symbol for "_obj_exception_extract"

Solution : TBD


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