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As you may have read Sun has kindly donated it's compatibility helperapi that was part of the macro migration toolkit.

How is it different from oovbaapi

  • written in Java
  • supports both word and excel
  • has a nice set of test documents
  • each uno object in the helperapi is a service ( and has a service definition )

Why ditch the helperapi and use the oovbaapi from ooo-build written in C++

  • with a java uno component implementation it's hard to track memory and performance problems across language and bridge boundaries
  • in many instances the existing openoffice uno api ( e.g. for calc and writer ) does not provide enough easily leveraged functionality to efficiently ( and quickly ) build a compatibility api from.
  • The existing applications ( calc & writer ) and the basic runtime are written in C++ and as such its easier to interact at a lower level using c++. The alternative is to expose the bits need via uno, that itself is not a trivial task.

How is it structured

Useful directories

  • basic provides some global functions written in basic to bootstrap the api
  • com idl subsytem
  • impl java implementation
  • test_documents a set of documents ( excel and word )
  • util/constants generated building of uno constants

What pieces are worth porting?

  1. the auto generation of the constants type library
    1. constants are autogenerated form the *.api files located in the util/ms_api directory
  2. the object implementations themselves. see the porting example and the porting notes
  3. the testdocuments
    1. a nice test harness infrastructure is necessary to help track progress, highlight known errors and indicate any regressions. The test documents which are both word and excel documents already include a test framework for logging the test results in log files. Whats missing is the infrastructure to run these tests automatically and compare the test results and a 'known' expected result.
  4. a similar base class to HelperInterfaceAdaptor
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