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The Wiki has many Extensions installed. Some extensions are used only on the server-side to assist with maintenance, and some are available to OOoWiki users.

To report problems with these extensions, or request new extensions, please send and email to

The currently available extensions are:

  • BadBehavior - monitors and blocks spam attempts (Admin only).
  • CategoryTree - provides a dynamic view of the Wiki's category structure as a tree.
  • CategoryWatch - notifies a user when pages are added to or removed from a watched Category.
  • Checkpoint - adds an extra button to the edit form labeled "Save and continue editing."
  • Cite - allows you to add footnote references to Wiki pages.
  • Collections - provides a way to assemble Wiki pages into a book and download the rendered result as ODT, PDF and Docbook.
  • DynamicPageList - provides a way to dynamically build page lists based on various category views.
  • FCKEditor - adds a WYSIWYG editor to the Wiki.
  • Help:FlaggedRevs - Page validation extension that allows editors to rate the quality of a Wiki page.
  • Gadgets - Javascript add-ons that provide extra functionality in the Wiki.
  • Google - a customized Google search used on the Documentation subpages.
  • InputBox - adds HTML form functionality to Wiki pages.
  • InterWiki - provides a way of linking to external Wiki content or linking between languages on the OOoWiki.
  • JSKitRating - a star rating tool that allows readers to rate the page they are reading.
  • LabeledSectionTransclusion - allows selective transclusion of marked-off sections of text.
  • LanguageSelector - checks the browser string for a preferred language, and sets the Wiki interface language to that prefered language (Admin only).
  • MultiUpload - provides a form that can be used to upload more than one file at a time to the Wiki.
  • IDLTags - a custom-written extension that provides some custom Wiki syntax for linking to the IDL.
  • ParserFunctions - provides several advanced parser MagicWords.
  • PasswordReset - tools to reset user passwords (Admin only).
  • PreLoader - provides boilerplate text that can be preloaded into Wiki forms.
  • Recaptcha - adds a Captcha to new user creation (Admin only).
  • StringFunctions - an additional set of advanced parser functions that operate on strings.
  • StubManager - a server-side extension that is used by other extensions.
  • SyntaxHighlight GeSHi - adds the <source> tag to present formatted source code.
  • ToggleDisplay - allows you to show and hide regions on a page by clicking on a link.
  • Variables - allows you to define a variable on a page, use it later in that same page.
  • WatchSubPages -allows a user to quickly add all subpages of a page to their watchlist.
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