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this page is a community effort to center together the different non-profit and commercialized people and groups related to the hebrew Open Office suit of applications, both end users and application developers on all levels.

we wish to include individual efforts and people from the rtl and bidi groups that are closely intertwined with the Hebrew speaking community, as we all have similar issues and agenda.

burning issues (bugs) - you should vote for :-)

here is a list of bugs we think the "hebrew / bidi / rtl" community should vote for to accelerate the progress of development in those areas, that in our perspective are more important than others as it might seem to a non hebrew/rtl/bidi user or developer.

please feel free to re-arrange the importance of issues and explain the reason in a nice wiki way :-)

list of hebrew / bidi / rtl issues
Issue 16295 : directionality lost when exporting a presentation to xhtml
Issue 22634 : Hebrew text inserted to English presentation should match Egnlish style
Issue 24113 : Although document language is set to Hebrew text direction is LTR in Writer Web
Issue 25545 : WW8: Alignment in numbering label wrong in RTL
Issue 25832 : Hebrew spellchecker (non-MySpell based)
Issue 26009 : Calc sheets should *all* be formatted RTL by default in Hebrew document
Issue 28656 : WW8: centered rtl table moves to the left on import from MSword
Issue 29117 : Wrong vertical location of imported text boxes
Issue 30149 : Wrong location of images in imported Hebrew file
Issue 30334 : Slide view in RTL presentation is LTR
Issue 30631 : R2L enabled controls
Issue 31928 : WW8: Improve vertical positioning of floating screen objects
Issue 34131 : Image in columns moves when exporting to word
Issue 34134 : Hebrew drop cap incurrectly moves when exporting to word
Issue 37190 : newutral characters move on import from powerpoint
Issue 37450 : Hebrew RTF file opens as junk
Issue 37910 : Wrong location of drawing object in RTL document
Issue 37917 : Category names from multiple cells
Issue 39526 : There is no way to control directionality in text shapes / chart text
Issue 50657 : Display of decimalnumbers in RTL wrong
Issue 55927 : Edit engine draws BiDi text wrong
Issue 58395 : Hebrew/Arabic text numbering lost on save
Issue 59053 : WW8: Hebrew numbering lost on export
Issue 65501 : Wrong line break when inserting LTR text in RTL paragraph
Issue 84795 : hebrew hyperlinked text is gibrish
Issue 85033 : WW8: indents of bullets not exported correctly in RTL context
Issue 85715 : Writer’s RTL text rendered incorrectly when embedded via OLE in 3rd party application
Issue 86334 : wordart does not display hebrew font glyphs (in non-hebrew fonts)
Issue 87822 : patches from the ooo-hebrew version
Issue 87970 : Hebrew Characters in Spreadsheet Names Became Misdisplayed
Issue ##### ##### נושאים שדורשים בדיקה נוספת ואישור שהם קיימים בגרסה עדכנית
Issue 23402 : OpenOffice should indicate when it is using font/glyph substitution/fallback
Issue 34543 : On import from word the size of the auto-numbering changed
Issue 37905 : Mixed Hebrew/English text rendered incorrectly (text direction “context”)
Issue 71025 : Imported Excel RTL text misarranged
Issue 74659 : RTL/BIDI rendering different behavior between Windows and Linux
Issue 75183 : PDF which has Hebrew characters will not reflow in Acrobat Reader
Issue 79690 : booklet printing is backwards with RTL documents
Issue 82950 : hebrew niqqud vowel: hiriq below yod too far up
Issue 86170 : Hebrew vowels in PDF export
Issue 87669 : oowriter formula pdf export turns numbers into Arabic/hindi
Issue 88466 : Error in view layout controls
issue #1234 category-1 info-1
issue #1235 category-2 info-2

up to date, hebrew / rtl / bidi list of bugs / issues: qa bug list

List of efforts needed to create an arabized OpenOffice.org

Source Code Development

what do i need to know if i want co compile my own OOo source code ?



  • where are the main translation templates
  • how do i translate
  • current status of translation


Community Blogs

  • lior kaplan's hebrew OpenOffice category in his Blog

Commercial Support

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