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This is a (more technically orientated) page about the integration of HSQLDB engine into OpenOffice.org.

Things To Do

  • localize error messages (currently all hard-coded English)
  • get rid of the "default_schema=true" parameter?

OpenOffice.org-specific settings

connection settings which are currently necessary to connect to HSQLDB embedded in an OpenOffice.org database file

  • storage_key: unique key which globally identifies the connection/storage
  • fileaccess_class_name: Name of the class implementing the file access
  • default_schema=true: lets HSQLDB behave as if it doesn't support schemas

Desired Features

  • retrieving statements underlying a VIEW
    this would allow editable views in OOo

Update: it's already possible: INFORMATION_SCHEMA.SYSTEM_VIEWS is the table we need to read ...

  • single-file
    This would allow to get rid of the temporary files which are currently needed when working on the embedded HSQLDB, and thus remove some performance penalties
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