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How to connect to a "normal" (not embedded) HSQL database?

  • Connect via JDBC
  • as driver class, use org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver
  • enter the URL to your HSQL database as described in the HSQLDB documentation, and append ;default_schema=true to the URL

How to migrate data between embedded and non-embedded HSQLDB?


How to know the version of the embedded HSQLDB?

You can determine the version of the embedded HSQLDB engine with the following Basic macro [oobas] Option Explicit

Sub hsqlVersion

Dim databaseURLOrRegisteredName As String
databaseURLOrRegisteredName = "hsqldb"
 ' adjust this string to your needs. It needs to be the name of a registered database,
 ' or a complete URL
Dim databaseContext As Object
databaseContext = createUnoService( "com.sun.star.sdb.DatabaseContext" )
Dim databaseDocument As Object
databaseDocument = databaseContext.getByName( databaseURLOrRegisteredName )
Dim connection As Object
connection = databaseDocument.getConnection( "", "" )
MsgBox "product version: " & connection.getMetaData().getDatabaseProductVersion()

End Sub Note that this will give you a version number such as "1.8.0", but not "". To my best knowledge, this last digit in the HSQLDB version cannot be obtained by any means at runtime.

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