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Why Go-OO Conference 2008 Prague, (Czech Republic) ?

While OOoCon is a great conference, in 2008 it will be held in Asia, which is likely to reduce the number of Europeans able to attend. Of course, developers still need to meet, talk, drink beer & so on - so, we're tacking a mini-meetup / hack-fest to the end of the Novell team meeting planned for next month.

Prague is a great location - easy to get to in Europe, and a (compatively) low-cost location.


  April 10th - arrive in the evening, meet up for dinner.
  April 11th - ad-hoc presentations, hacking
               evening drinks / meal.
  April 12th, am: more of the same
              pm: fun ropes course / team building; meal
  April 13th - leave, or stay to enjoy historic Prague.


To be decided; there will be a network, so hacking in groups is entirely possible. Presentations on tangled pieces of the OO.o code-base, discussions of the merits (or otherwise) of 'boost', sessions on Emacs vs. Vi, the internals of Calc's calculation engine, Impress' rendering model, Writer's layout system, improving the build-boy system etc. appreciated.

Hopefully we'll aim to have a broad selection of talks which together give a nice high-level overview of the internals of, the problems & what people are hacking on now. If you want to give a talk, mail your suggestions to - the more the merrier.


Everything you need to know to attend, print out, cover in marmalade & accidentally leave behind the sofa.


The SUSE Office in Prague Google map.


There are plenty of cheap flights available to Prague, from England, Italy, Switzerland & Germany (EasyJet), Ireland (Ryanair), and perhaps others (?).


We recommend the Hotel Carol which is 1 block from the SUSE office: ~2 minutes walk even for a geriatric hacker. A double room for the duration is around Euro:250.


   Email: Lucie Louzecka <>
   Phone: +420 775 928 867


To make the event even more accessible, there will be a ban on talks / panel discussion of the form: "Sun screwed me over" or "Kill the SCA today". In addition we are encouraging primarily hackers to attend, ie. this is a pure developers meeting, with a horribly technical agenda: we promise to make sure you won't enjoy it if you're not writing code. In addition no talks of the form "ODF solves the problems of world hunger" or "OpenXML - hell-spawn in text form" will be tolerated.

Ropes Course

We will also get some more adrenaline in the rope center PROUD. No particular climbing ability required, though decent footware is essential, and non-flismy clothing helpful. Failing that, the ability to laugh at others would be helpful.


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