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Tabbed Windows Extension

This is the wiki page of the Tabbed Windows Extension. You can find the latest extension snapshot and source code.

The Tabbed Windows Extension provides a tabbed window interface for 2.0.4 and later 2.x versions.

Attention: it doesn't work with the 3.0 version! (See: this page )

Tabbed Windows.PNG

As one can see the extension provides only a very limited way to work with tabs, but nevertheless it shows what can be done with extensions now. Work is in progress to extend this version with more features and a better user interface.

The extension can be downloaded here ( 2.0.4 and later, Windows and Linux i386)

A download package of the source code and informations regarding how they must be builded can be found here. We invite you to play around with it. If you have questions about it or if you want to submit patches to it please join us on the "dev" mailing list of our project.

A lot of work still must be done wrt. the user interface changes that are created by a tabbed document arrangement. There are many things to consider. We have another wiki page to collect ideas, problems, possible solutions etc.

Everybody is invited to join us on the "discuss" mailing list in our project to discuss this interesting and exciting feature.

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