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Background Image for UNO AWT dialogs and tabpages

Specification Status
Author Carsten Driesner
Last Change 09.11.2007
Status Preliminary


The UNO awt library should support to set a background image for dialogs and tab pages to create a more attractive user interface.


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Role Name E-Mail Address
Developer Carsten Driesner
Quality Assurance Jörg Skottke
Documentation Uwe Fischer
User Experience <First Name, Last Name> <>

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Acronym / Abbreviation Definition
property A value with a type which represents a specific state. Normally addressed by a unique name.

Detailed Specification

The UNO awt library should be extended to support a new property for dialogs and tab pages. The property contains the URL for an image that is displayed in the background of a dialog or tab page. Developers would be able to make their dialogs or tab pages more attractive to users.

To accomplish the task two new properties were added to the You can see the name and type of the properties below.

[cpp] /** specifies a URL that references a graphic that should be used as a

   background image.
   @see Graphic
   @since OOo 2.4.0
  • /

[optional, property] string ImageURL;

/** specifies a graphic to be displayed as a background image

If this property is present, it interacts with the <member>ImageURL</member>in the following way:

  • If <member>ImageURL</member> is set, <member>Graphic</member> will be reset to an object as loaded from the given image URL, or <NULL/> if <member>ImageURL</member> does not point to a valid image file.
  • If <member>Graphic</member> is set, <member>ImageURL</member> will be reset to an empty string.

   @since OOo 2.4.0
  • /

[optional, property, transient] com::sun::star::graphic::XGraphic Graphic;

The property browser for dialogs and tab pages is extended to select an image file via a file selection dialog.

TabPage PropertyBrowser.PNG

When the user selects an image file for the tab page or dialog the background will be painted with the selected image.

TabPage With Bitmap Wallpaper.PNG

The controls which reside in the tab page or dialog will be transparent when the background color is set to default. Otherwise the would use their own background color.

Dialog With Background Bitmap.PNG

The new property called "Graphics" is not completely new as some controls already support to set an image (e.g. radio button, image control). Therefore no new strings will be added, resulting in no additional translation work.

Help | User Interface Element Templates | Example Spec


There is no migration necessary for this enhancement.


There are no configuration items involved.

Help | Configuration Table Template

File Format

There are no changes to the file format necessary.

Help | File Format Table Template

Open Issues

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