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New style docking windows

This project wants to exchange the current docking window implementation with a new one which is UNO based and focuses on extensibility. We are currently working close together with the RedOffice Team in Bejing to make the new style docking windows feature ready for 3.1. The new implementation will be part of the Layout Manager introduced in 2. There are several improvements planned for the new implementation:

  • The new docking windows can be controlled by the Layout Manager UNO API
  • The new docking windows uses the same configuration data as the other user interface elements
  • The new docking windows will be available for extensions
  • It's possible to define groups that consists of several docking windows. If a user moves one window of a group, all windows of that group will be moved.
  • There is a better separation of responsibility for document and container window.
    • The container window of the frame contains the user interface.
    • The document window is only responsible to show document content.
  • Descriptive and xml based user interface in the docking windows.
  • Use the layout manager for dialogs.

Screenshots from a current demo version

File:Writer NewDockingWindows.PNG

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