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Command line arguments supports a number of command line arguments to open file or print files and to serve special needs. The following article wants to give an overview about the supported command line arguments.

The general command line of is defined as:
Usage: soffice[.exe] [options] [documents]

Command Purpose
-accept=<accept-string> Specify an UNO connect-string to create an UNO acceptor through which other programs can connect to access the API.
-base Creates a new database document.
-calc Creates a new spredsheet document.
-display <display> Specifies X-display to use in Unix/X11 versions.
-draw Creates a new drawing document.
-global Creates a new global text document.
-headless Suppresses any modal dialog so can run without user interaction. This is NOT designed to run OOo as a "background" process. The Office still starts and open document views. It's the task of a developer to use the API correctly to assure that no UI is shown.
-help/-h/-? Shows a small message box with information about the arguments (Windows) or outputs it to stdout.
-impress Creates a new presentation document.
-invisible Initially no start up screen, no default document and UI is shown. It's possible to show documents via API. This option is not designed to use OOo as a "background" process. The API developer has to make sure that the views are opened non-visible.
-language=<iso language code> Preset a user interface language. The Office uses a fallback mechanism if the provided language is not available.
-lockcheck Don't check for remote instances using a .lock file in the user folder.
-math Creates a new formula document.
-minimized keeps start up bitmap minimized
-n Always open documents as new files (use as templates).
-nodefault Don't start with an empty document.
-nologo Don't show the splash screen.
-norestore Suppress restart/restore after a fatal error.
-o Opens a document regardless whether they are templates or not.
-p <documents...> Print the specified documents on the default printer.
-pt <printer> <documents...> Print the specified documents on the specified printer.
-quickstart Start the quickstart service (only available on Windows and OS/2 platform).
-show <presentation> Open the specified presentation and start it immediately.
-unaccept=<accept-string> Close an acceptor that was created with -accept=<accept-string>. Use -unaccept=all to close all open acceptors.
-view <documents...> Open the specified documents in viewer-(readonly-)mode.
-web Creates a new HTML document.
-writer Creates a new text document.
Remaining arguments will be treated as filesnames or URLs of documents to open. shows the "Start Center" whenever the command line arguments don't explicitly order the creation/loading of one or more documents (> 3.3).Link title

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