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Firefox extension

This is an Extension for the Firefox 1.x and 2.x Webbrower. It adds a new main menu with list of related URLs, plus a context menu with links to the OO.o Advanced Search page, Google, OO.o Issue tracker and the wikipedia page.

Firefox Extension Installation

Download the Firefox extension from here

  • Make sure that a Mozilla Firefox version 1.x or 2.0 is running
  • Drag & Drop the Ooo_extension.xpi file into the browser window area or you could load the Ooo_extension.xpi alternatively via File - Open File
  • Wait few second and click the install button. The extension is not signed yet.
  • Restart your Firefox browser.

The new main menu item

Firefox extension menu

The additional main menu provides a list of useful related URLs. Just use it as any other Firefox menu.

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