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As the official size is off-line and there were no updates since 10-24-2006 it seems as if development of this extension has ceased. Therefore this page is only to serve for historical reasons.

A Mozilla Firefox extension has been proposed by a developer named Talin, according to Mozilla hacker Gervase Markham [1]; since then it has been further modified by Alex Hudson[2], and was hosted in the official Firefox extension repository[3].

Official page for the ODFReader extension:

Mozilla Firefox Extension Add-on page

Development resources


This ODFReader Firefox extension makes use of an XSL file. Currently the author recommends using the XSLT provided by J David Eisenberg:

Also check out David's book OASIS OpenDocument Essentials

OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications

Here you can find the document of OASIS Open Document Format specification v1.0 (the whole specification is about 700 pages):

Firefox extension development

And for Firefox / XUL development, you can check out the book Rapid Application Development with Mozilla by Nigel McFarlane:

Note: It should be noted that Google has already supported viewing SXW format (used by 1.x) as HTML through their search engine[4] and G-Mail[5] already. See also Google Desktop Search's OpenDocument Indexer plugin.

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