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A QA representative has to do the quality assurance on a Child Work Space (CWS). He is responsible for approving the CWS and set it in EIS to state 'approved by QA' or 'nominated'. Most of CWS are checked by the OOo Quality Assurance Team. To find an expert for your CWS you can ask one of the following QA team leads or send a message to the qa-mailing list ([1]).

The QA team leads are :
Chris Lukasiak : Base (Database)
Helge Delfs : Automation (general testing with VCL TestTool)
Oliver Craemer : Spreadsheet (Calc, Chart)
Stefan Baltzer : Word processor (Writer, Math)
Thorsten Martens : Framework (Installation, Framework)
Wolfram Garten : Graphics (Impress, Drawing)

The complete responsiblity list of all QA members can be found at the team pages : Automation, Base, Framework, Graphics, Spreadsheet, Word Processor,

The QA representative can be taken over by other teams or persons. It depends on the integrated code by the CWS. More information can be found in the CWS policy.

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