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Here are the features and enhancements, which were integrated in OOo 3.0. All the listed issues are announced in the release notes for the developer snapshots since SRC680m242 to DEV300mX. These list is more technical orientated and isn't a release note for OOo 3.0. This list could and should be used for testing and checking the new features in general or for translation purposes.

What's new ?

Component : Chart

Component : Base / Database Access

  • 67987 : let the "Address Book Data Source Wizard" use a roadmap
    • Description : With the integration of CWS odbmacros2, the "Address Book Data Source Wizard" (the one which helps you created a database document for your address data) will use a roadmap (a left-hand-side control displaying all steps of the wizard). (this is only a cheap side effect of some other change which happened in this CWS.)
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=221
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : odbmacros2 integrated in DEV300m2

  • 69740 : API: Add ability to find which table(s) or query(s) are currently selected in the main Base window
    • Description : The controller of the database application window now supports the com.sun.star.view.XSelectionSupplier interface. The method getSelection return an Any which contains a Sequence of NamedValue. 1st NamedValue: Name = "Type" Value is an integer with values from com.sun.star.sdb.application.DatabaseObject which indicates which kind of object is currently selected. 2nd NamedValue: Name = "Selection" Value is a sequence of strings which are currently selected in the view. Value = Sequence < Strings > === selected names
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=213
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba24e integrated in SRC680m245

  •  : Database / Insert Menu, new menu item

  •  : Database / Edit Menu / Delete Record
    • Description : The table data view of a table now has a menu entry Edit->Delete Record. This command deletes the current selected row (this excludes the row when inserting a new one).
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=223
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba30a integrated in DEV300m2

Component : Drawing

Component : Framework

  • 84309 : remove pkgchk
    • Description : The pkgchk tool has been deprecated in favor of the unopkg tool a long time ago, and for quite some time pkgchk has been nonfunctional (only giving an error message that unopkg should be used instead): finally remove it completely.
    • Feature Announcement : http://framework.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=275
    • Specification : - -
    • Test case specification : - -
    • CWS : sb83 integrated in DEV300m4

  • 86352 : Add options button from print dialog to printer setup dialog

Component : Graphic System Layer (GSL)

Component : Installation/Setup

Component : Localization (L10N)

  • 53498 : Support for Indian and Bhutanese numbering systems, grouping not in thousands.
    • Description : In India, the concept of lakh (100,000) and crore (10,000,000) is the most used for numbering (and not one million). They group the number differently for representation, not in thousands but following the schema #,##,##,### instead. The first grouping separator from the right groups 3 digits, all others group by 2 digits. ...
    • Feature Announcement : http://l10n.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=136
    • Specification : - -
    • Test case specification : - -
    • CWS : locales30 integrated in DEV300m2

  • 64095 : Support for Tetum Language (Timor-Leste)

  • 84582 :Locale data for Guaraní
    • Description : Added locale data for Paraguayan Guaraní (gug-PY). The language is selectable for character attribution and spell-checking, as default locale, default document language and available for number formats.
    • Feature Announcement : http://l10n.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=133
    • Specification : - -
    • Test case specification : - -
    • CWS : locales30 integrated in DEV300m2

  • 84912 : Inclusion of languages Bodo, Dogri, Maithili and Santali in the Locale Setting dialog box,

  • 86322 : Locale file for Turkmen language
    • Description : Locale data for Turkmen in Turkmenistan (tk-TM) is available. The language is selectable for character attribution, as default locale, default document language and available for number formats.
    • Feature Announcement : http://l10n.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=131
    • Specification : - -
    • Test case specification : - -
    • CWS : locales30 integrated in DEV300m2

Component : Spreadsheet (sc)

  • 31612 : Column limitation in SpreadSheet
    • Description : In OOo 3.0 there will be 1024 columns per sheet instead of 256. The "used area" logic for automatic print ranges, HTML/RTF export, and the Ctrl-End keyboard shortcut has changed: If there are at least 30 equal-formatted columns somewhere behind the last column that has cell contents, the attributes in these and the following columns are ignored in determining the used area. This ensures proper handling of old files with cell attributes in 256 columns. In the file format specification, more columns were always possible. If OOo 2.4 loads a file with cell content beyond the 256th column, a warning is shown (after the integration of fwk83, with the fix for issue 85334).
    • Feature Announcement : http://sc.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=252
    • Specification : - -
    • Test case specification : - -
    • CWS : calccolumns integrated in SRC680m247

  • 74245 : ODFF: LOOKUP in columns if range is wider than tall
    • Description : The LOOKUP() spreadsheet function's lookup direction now depends on the width of the search array (first parameter, Searched) given. There are two major uses for this function; the 3-parameter version (vector) and the 2-parameter version (non-vector array).

When given two parameters, Searched is first examined: …

  • 85000 : ODFF: SUMIF's 3rd parameter is handled differently from Excel

Component : Word Processing (sw)

  • 1035 : language setting for typed text should be set to current input locale (keyboard setting)
    • Description : Since OOo2.0 we support language selection via Windows language bar, but only for Asian and CTL languages. Due to hight demand to support at least also Greek and Russian (they are considered to be "Western" languages) this feature was enhanced to now support all types of languages. ...
    • Feature Announcement : http://sw.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=289
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : sw30bf02 integrated in DEV300m6

CWS with changes UI and/or online help

Here are all Child Work Spaces [CWS] are listed which are relevant for UI changes, Feature integration, changes in Online Help or for translation :

aquafilepicker02in DEV300m2 : The migration of the native file pickers on MacOSX from Carbon to Cocoa
aquavcl05 in DEV300m2 : Mac/Aqua goodness
beppec56index01 in DEV300m2 : Implementation of the new outline chapter number feature in text indexes (Writer)
calcshare in DEV300m2 : Collaboration for Calc with Shared Spreadsheets
calcsolver in SRC680m246 : Calc solver dialog and implementation
chart19 in SRC680m248 : Chart features for OOo 3.0
chart20 in DEV300m2 : Error Bars from cell ranges
cjksp1 in DEV300m2 : CJK features enhancement such as text grid, Chinese measure unit and CJK font. etc.
cropmaster2000 in DEV300m1 : implementing interactive cropping feature for graphics in impress and draw
dba30a in DEV300m2 : ongoing DBA bug fixing towards OOo 3.0
fwk81 in DEV300m1 : Framework fixes for OOo3.0
hcshared14 in SRC680m245 : changes in help content/online help for OOo 3.0
hcshared15 in SRC680m244 : changes in help content/online help for OOo 3.0
hcshared16 in SRC680m248 : changes in help content/online help for OOo 3.0
hcshared17 in DEV300m2 : changes in help content/online help for OOo 3.0
hro34 in DEV300m3 : Integration of Vista File Dialog and Shell Preview
impresshandouts01 in DEV300m2 : enhancing the handout printing in impress
impresstables2 in DEV300m3 : Implementing native table support for impress and draw
jl89 in DEV300m2 :
jl91 in DEV300m2 : UI fixes in Extension Manager
locales30 in DEV300m2 : New locales and locale data changes for OOo3.0
native114 in SRC680m242 :
native127 in SRC680m246 : OOo 3.0 installation tasks
native133 in DEV300m2 : Make OOo 3.0 and SO 9
nativeprintdlg01 in DEV300m2 : add support for native print dialog
newregdlg in DEV300m3 : Different registration pages for SO and OOo
notes2 in SRC680m248 : New implementation of notes in the margin
odff in DEV300m2 : Implementation of ODFF (OpenDocument Format Formula specification, aka OpenFormula)
odff02 in DEV300m2 : More changes for ODFF compliance, follow-up on CWS 'odff'
odfversion12 in DEV300m3 : ODF 1.2 Migration
pagemargins in SRC680m247 : Page margins in Calc page preview
pages01 in DEV300m2 : Implementation of the "Multiple Page View" feature
placeholders in DEV300m3 : Adding placeholder for graphics
rptchart01 in DEV300m2 : Enable Chart handling in the Sun Report Builder.
rptwizres in DEV300m1 : Report wizard strings
rptwizres2b in DEV300m2 : New strings for wizards report
sb83 in DEV300m4 : Split basis/brand for the new three-layer (URE, basis, brand) office products.
serbianisntsrcs in SRC680m245 : s/sr-CS/sr/, s/sh-YU/sh/
startcenterfix in DEV300m3 : fix issue 86881
swcrossref01 in DEV300m1 : Direct cross references for headings and numbered paragraphs
swnewlistlevelattrs in DEV300m2 : Introduction of new position and space attributes to the list levels of a list style
symex in SRC680m243 :
sysui14 in DEV300m1 : Misc sysui strings added / removed
t602import01 in DEV300m2 : Adding import filter for T602 (CZ & SK MSDOS wordprocessor)
textconnectionsettings in DEV300m2 : implement a stand-alone dialog which allows the user to specify the settings for a text/csv connection
unifysound01 in DEV300m2 : Move the remaining code that uses sound onto the avmedia api and not the vcl api
vcl86 in DEV300m2 :
xmlfilter03 in DEV300m2 :

CWS with changes UI and/or online help (between Beta 1 and Beta 2 (refresh)

Here are all Child Work Spaces [CWS] are listed which are integrated between DEV300m11 and BEB300m3 and which are relevant for UI changes, Feature integration, changes in Online Help or for translation :

jl93in DEV300m13 : Adapt digital signatures to ODF 1.2
extmgrui01in DEV300m14 : Rewrite the UI used for the extensions manager
ab51in DEV300m14 : New option on Options / Load/Save / VBA Properties page to choose between importing Basic uncommented or executable
l10nfix24in DEV300m14 : Fix a P1 l10n issue
xformsmodifyin DEV300m15 : add a new string, in preparation of an upcoming minor enhancement to the XML Form Document's model data behavior.
aquavcl07in DEV300m15 : Mostly Mac/Aqua specific fixes
ooo3readme2in DEV300m15 : Readme Changes for OOo3 Final Release
so9readme2in DEV300m15 : Changes to SO9 Final Readme
calcshare4in DEV300m15 : String changes for Calc collaboration
hcshared18in DEV300m16 : Application Help following the OOo 3.0 Beta deadline
stctplbtnin DEV300m16 : implement issue 90035
touchpoints01in DEV300m17 : Install touchpoints to new dictionaries and templates online.
l10nfix26in DEV300m17 : this cws fixes 2 strings in an extension, no office strings are touched or introduced
native151in DEV300m18 : Binfilter into an own package
l10nfix27in DEV300m18 : This cws fixes some en-US typos . The strings changed but FMA will fix the status in the database
fwk88in DEV300m21 : Framework fixes for OpenOffice.org 3.0.

Links to Features and Enhancements for OOo 3.0

Link to all features issues in OOo 3.0 : 50 issues marked as feature
Link to all enhancement issues in OOo 3.0 : 223 issues marked as enhancement

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