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Feature testing after UI and Feature freeze for OOo 2.2

Here all new features are listed, which have been integrated between 2.1 and 2.2 (current available build is src680_m199). All these issues have been announced in release notes for the build on OOo. Test cases specifications should be added to the feature issue. The links in the specifications are linked to Sun internal places, until it is defined, where Test case specification documents should be stored on OOo. Most test case specifications are added to the issues.

What's new ?

Component : dba – Database

  • 6544 : forms: date and time fields do not default to "Today" and "Now" anymore
    • Description : In database forms, date and time fields 'til recently had the habit to default to "Today" (the date fields) and "Now" (the time fields). That is, when you had such a field in your form, and wanted to enter a new record, then the fields were pre-filled with the current date respectively time. This behavior, which is almost never desired, has been changed - the fields are not pre-filled anymore.
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?listName=features&msgNo=199
    • Specification : --
    • CWS : dba204a integrated in SRC680m196

  • 16268 : Increase some field lengths in the bibliographic database
    • Description : Many fields of the bibliography database where too small. The field lengths now have changed in the following way: Identifier - 255 Type - 255 Address - 255 Annote - 65536 Author - 65536 Booktitle - 65536 Chapter - 255 Edition - 255 Editor - 65536 Howpublish - 255 Institutn - 65536 Journal - 65536 Month - 255 Note - 65536 Number - 255 Organizat - 65536 Pages - 255 Publisher - 65536 School - 65536 Series - 255 Title - 65536 RepType - 255 Volume - 255 Year - 255 URL - 65536 Custom1 - 65536 Custom2 - 65536 Custom3 - 65536 Custom4 - 65536 Custom5 - 65536 ISBN - 255
    • Feature Announcement : --
    • Specification : --
    • CWS : dba22ui integrated in SRC680m197

  • 62664 : UTF-8 encoding for dBase databases
    • Description : The character set restriction previously imposed on dBase databases has been relaxed: Previously, it was not possible to use an encoding where different characters are to be encoded to different by counts. For instance, in UTF-8 encoding, a single Unicode character might be encoded as one, two, or even more bytes. With CWS dba22ui, all such encoding, and UTF-8 in particular, are allowed (as long as the restrictions from http://dba.openoffice.org/specifications/character_sets.html still apply). When using such an encoding, be aware that the "field length" of dBase table columns becomes a somewhat fuzzy meaning: According to the dBase file format, the field length denotes the number of bytes reserved for data in this field. In the OOo user interface, people tend to assume that the field length means the maximum number of characters which can be written into the field. This is not true for the UTF-8 encoding anymore. As a consequence, when the user enters a string which has less characters than specified in the field length, but is encoded to more bytes than the field length, an error message is shown to the user, explaining the situation.
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=202
    • Specification : --
    • CWS : dba22ui integrated in SRC680m197

  • 69246 : query/relation design: visual marker indicating the type of table/query
    • Description : With the implementation of the "queries in queries" feature, it is now possible to add both tables and queries to other queries. In the graphical query designer, this means that now, it was not possible to recognize whether a given existent object denoted a query or table. To visualize the difference, the windows which represent a table resp. query now show the proper object icon (table or query) in the upper left corner. Additionally, linked text tables in HSQLDB, which since a while ago have a dedicated icon, are also represented with this icon. Furthermore, the same applies to the relation designer (which cannot include queries, but tables and linked tables).
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=205
    • Specification : --
    • CWS : dba22ui integrated in SRC680m197

  • 72252 : advanced database setting: "Use keyword AS before table alias names"
    • Description : In the advanced database settings (menu: Edit / Database / Advanced Settings, dialog page: special settings) a new option is available, called "Use keyword AS before table alias names". This option is enabled if and only if "Append the table alias name on SELECT statements" option is checked, and itself checked by default for newly created databases. When checked, SQL statements generated by Base will use the AS keyword as follows: SELECT * FROM "table" AS "table" When not checked, the above statement would look like SELECT * FROM "table" "table" The first option is more human readable, the second option is required by some databases (Oracle ODBC, in particular).
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=204
    • Specification : http://dba.openoffice.org/specifications/Data_Source_Property_Dialog.sxw
    • CWS : dba22ui integrated in SRC680m197

Component : Framework

  • 19976 : Annoying focus behavior of OOo was fixed
    • Description : When a document is loaded in the OOo GUI a view is created at the end of the loading process. Until now OpenOffice.org always grabbed the focus to the window of this view. ... At the end of the loading process the document suddenly was brought to front and disturbed the user in what he was doing at this time ... Now OOo will bring the window to front (or starts flickering the window in the task bar) only when a modal dialog was opened in the OOo document window as part of the loading process (e.g. a dialog asking for granting execution of macros).
    • Feature Announcement : http://framework.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=242
    • Specification : --
    • CWS : inplaceobjects integrated in SRC680m192

Component : gsl – Graphic System Layer

Component : installation

Component : presentation

Component : porting

Component : qa

  • 66140 : Support for NetBSD, Linux 64 bit, Linux SPARC in TestTool Environment

Component : sc – Spreadsheet

  • 66952 : New behavior of "Insert - Sheet From File"

  • 72768 : Export COT, ACOT, COTH, and ACOTH to MS Excel files

Component : UDK

Component : sw – Word Processor

CWS with changes in UI and/or in Help

  • ab31 : Add localisation support to UNO dialogs and IDE Dialog Editor (Integrated in SRC680m199)
  • aw038 : ODF1.1 feature CWS (ATM for Drawinglayer, shapes) (Integrated in : SRC680m198)
  • dba22ui : UI-relevant bug fixes in the DBA project, targeted at 2.2 FS (Integrated in SRC680m197)
  • dr51 : OOo 2.2 patches and bug fixes (Integrated in SRC680m198)
  • fwk56 : Framework fixes for OOo2.2 (Integrated in SRC680m198)
  • hcshared05 : Autumn 06 issues for online help (Integrated in SRC680m192)
  • hcshared06 : Help issues October 06 (Integrated in SRC680m196)
  • impress111 : Bug fixes for OOo 2.2. (Integrated in SRC680m197)
  • impress114 : fixes for impress/draw (Integrated in SRC680m197)
  • jl46 : Extension Manager enhancements (Integrated in SRC680m198)
  • jl49 : Online Update for Extensions (Integrated in SRC680m198)
  • native50 : New Java GUI installer (Integrated in SRC680m199)
  • native72 : Installation tasks for OOo 2.2 and SO 8 Update 6 (Integrated in SRC680m198)
  • notecontext : Changed context menu (insert/delete note) for Calc cells (Integrated in SRC680m191)
  • obr03 : Text change in First Start Wizard Page for Online Update (Integrated in SRC680m198)
  • os89 : Bugfixing/Patches OOo 2.2 (Integrated in SRC680m196)
  • patch01as : Patches (Integrated in SRC680m198)
  • pdf04 : additional PDF export features (Integrated in SRC680m196)
  • vcl69 : 2.2 issues (Integrated in SRC680m196)

Queries for Feature and Enhancements for OOo 2.2

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