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FLUX UI, or FLUX User Interface, is a user interface design proposal for OpenOffice.org initially developed by Joshua Martin, Stephan Ruben, and Mikko Lehmitsolo but whose development has grown to be a community effort. The ongoing mantra, or constitution, of the development process has been the three statements as follows:

  • The document is the most important UI element.
  • Don't show the user what he/she doesn't need at the moment (context sensitivity).
  • Don't focus on a single UI element (i.e. Ribbon, Menus, Tabs) - use a hybrid of elements so that the information is displayed in the most appropriate way.

Anyone is welcome to contribute; the mailing list is either ui @ ux.openoffice.org or flux-control-panel @ googlegroups.com where the first is the community's Renaissance mailing list and the latter is this project's mailing list. Your comments and questions should reach us at either address.

One version of FLUX UI


  • File:Writer.odg (Original OpenOffice.org Draw file created by Joshua Martin. Includes most of the work throughout the life of FLUX UI.)
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