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If you have written StarBasic Macros or other Code that uses the API in com.sun.star.chart and want to be able to still run it with the new chart here is some help in case you encounter problems. If you have problems not listed here feel free to add them here.

Note, that the new API is not published yet, so you should not use the new API extensively before it is published!

Using StarBasic Macros

Question: I can no longer set the main title using the Title property.

 ' oMyChart is the XChartDocument (XModel)
 oMyChart.Title.String = "My Title"

Answer: Get a newer version. In OOG680.m2 the new API has changed. The interface XTitled now has the methods getTitleObject and setTitleObject. Thus the name-clash that lead to this problem no longer exists from that version on. (OOG680.m2 is a pre-release of OOo2.3)

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