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OOo Extensions project

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Extensions on the main site

Extensions in other languages:
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This list provides Extensions that are available for deployment. Some have been tested, some not : Be careful when using them. We can not guarantee them at this level.

If you want to submit some Extensions to be relayed at end-user level through embedded tool, complete this list and send an email on the users@extensions.openoffice.org to inform us that something new is available. Your addon will then be reviewed and you may obtain some feedback on it.

A website is being designed. Will be announced when ready - any help appreciated :-)

Design for Extensions website. The design elements which could be used in the extensions website.

For the moment any free licensing is accepted to be listed. Read the charter regarding conditions

If you want to translate an extension, please contact the author. A localization framework will be soon available

List of existing Extensions

Localized: English - Category: Add-On - License: GPL - OOoVersion: 2.02
Description: Create digital photo albums with OpenOffice.org Impress
Localized: English - Category: Tables - License: LGPL - OOoVersion: 2.02
Description: An Openoffice.org macro to draw borders in Calc and Writer tables and other objects just with a couple of key strokes
Localized: ?? - Category: ?? - License: ?? - OOoVersion: ??
Localized: English, German, Polish, Dutch, Latvian - Category: Linguistic - License: LGPL - OOoVersion: 2.x
Description: Grammar and style checker for English, German, Polish, and Dutch. Initial support for Italian, French, and Spanish. Latvian in preparation.
Localized: English, German - Category: UI tool - License: LGPL - OOoVersion: 1.1, 2.0, 2.1
Description: An Openoffice.org macro (extension package) to copy, delete, sort, rename and create multiple document pages automatically
Localized: English - Category: Writer Tools - License: ?? - OOoVersion: ??
Description :
Localized: English - Category: ?? - License: GPL - OOoVersion: 2.0 or later
Description: A project to provide change control for OpenOffice.org documents (OpenDocument and *.sx*) via subversion. Transparently checks in internal changes in files and allows users to recover any previous version, view logs and compare with older versions.
Localized: English - Category: Calc Tools - License: LGPL - OOoVersion: 2.0
Description: The Linear and Non-Linear Optimization Solver (or simply the Optimization Solver) is designed to compute an optimized solution that either maximizes or minimizes a given objective of a model while, at the same time, satisfying a set of constraints that may be defined in the model.
In this wiki: Optimization Solver
Localized: ?? - Category: Add-On - License: LGPL - OOoVersion: 2.0
Description: This Add-On provides a filter to enable the importing of SVG images.
Localized: ?? - Category: Development tool - License: ?? - OOoVersion: ??
Description :
Localized: ?? - Category: ?? - License: ?? - OOoVersion: ??
Description: A Macro to save a document to multiple format in a few clicks
Localized: ?? - Category: ?? - License: LGPL - OOoVersion: ??
Description: Extension of the note feature in Writer: text highlighting, quick remove of notes
Localized: English - Category: Math tool - License: GPL - OOoVersion: 2.0.x - Platform: Windows
Description: Macros for insertion of Mathtype objects in OOo Writer on the Windows platform
Localized: English - Category: Wiki - License: GPL - OOoVersion: 2.0.x
Description: QuasiWiki implements some of the basic principles of wiki in OpenOffice.org Writer. It doesn't turn OpenOffice.org into a fully fledged wiki tool (hence the "quasi" prefix), but rather adds some wiki-like capabilities.
Localized: English - Category: Markup - License: GPL - OOoVersion: 2.0.x
Description: txt2tags extension allows users to apply txt2tags markup to the currently opened Writer document.
Localized: English, German, Hungarian, French, Italian - Category: Templates, Gallery - License: LGPL - OOoVersion: 2.x
Description: Extension version of OxygenOffice Professional's extra contents for OpenOffice.org like templates and galleries.
Download: [1] Direct link for extension downloads
Last update: February 14, 2007
Localized: German - Category: Templates - License: LGPL - OOoVersion: 2.1
Description: a collection of German templates hosted by the Germanophone project
Localized: English - Category: Music - License: ? Version: 2.1 [OOoLilyPond is a macro for OpenOffice.org that simplifies the integration of music notation in OpenOffice.org Writer of Impress. It can be used to write a book on music theory or to write down exercises for music instruments or voices which need to be commented with lots of text.]
Localized: French, English - Category: Writer Add-On - License: LGPL - OOoVersion: 2.x
Description: A macro to simplify the commands to paginate a document. Brings up a dialog box where you can choose among some options (position, first number, etc.)
Localized: French, English - Category: Writer Add-On - License: LGPL - OOoversion: 2.0.4
Description: A tool to create calendar pages for one month or for one year.
Localized: English - Category: Markup - License: GPL - OOoVersion: 2.0.x
Description: Using the Email Backup extension, you can quickly email a backup copy of the currently opened OpenOffice.org document to a specified email address.
Localized: English - Category: Markup - License: GPL - OOoVersion: 2.0.x
Description: Writer’s Tools is an OpenOffice.org extension that includes the following macros: Lookup Tool, Email Backup, and Open FTP Document.
  • [Extensions_repository/Creative_Commons Creative Commons extension]
Localized: English - Category: Add-on - License: LGPL - OOoVersion: 2.0.x
Description: Creative Commons extension is an OpenOffice.org extension that allows to insert in a document Creative Commons licensing information.

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