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This page is intended to collect ideas for future features of the Extensions Manager and Extensions.

  1. Running OOo in safe mode.
  2. Support of licenses for extensions when they are installed together with OOo.
  3. Configuring extensions.
  4. Enhance system integration.

  1. Running OOo in safe mode.

    A faulty extension may cause OOo to crash. When this happens for example at startup (or shortly after) it is difficult for the user to remove the extension. That is, the Extension Manager cannot be invoked anymore. By starting OOo in safe mode, all extensions would be disabled. Then the user could remove the faulty extension in the Extension Manager.

  2. Support of licenses for extensions when they are installed together with OOo.

    Extensions support a simple mechanism for showing a license to the user. This happens during installation. The user must agree to the license before the extension is installed. This works well when the extension is installed by the Extension Manager. However, when an extension is part of the installation set, that is, it is installed along with the office, then this mechanism does not work or integrates well. For example, when installing the rpms every extension with a license would require a user interaction on the console. When developing a solution one should bear in mind, that one has to make sure that an extension is not usable, does not leave any marks in the GUI, and best is not copied at all to the office installation when the user refuses to agree to the license.

  3. Configuring extensions.
  4. An extension may need to be configured. In this case it could bring a dialog through which all necessary settings could be done. This dialog could for example be started after installation of an extension. It could also be integrated in the options dialog of OOo.

  5. Enhance system integration.
  6. It should be possible to install an extension by double clicking them. This should even be possible in these scenarios:

    • OOo is running, no extension manager running
    • OOo and its extension manager are running
    • another instance of unopkg gui is running
    • another instance of unopkg is running

    This would probably mean some interprocess communication between two unopkg instances.

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