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The following sortings are available

  • Home page: 3 Latest Extension creations (doesn't take releases into account)
  • Link on the left: All: Extensions alphabetical, 10 at a time
  • Link on the left: By Application: Categories:
    • OpenOffice.org
    • Chart
    • Base
    • Impress
    • Draw
    • Writer
    • Calc
    • Chart
    • Math
  • Link on the left: By Operating System:
    • System independent
    • Windows
    • Solaris
    • Linux
    • MacOS X
  • Link on the left: Highest Rated: Extensions first sorted descending by vote value, then by votes count, 10 at a time
  • Link on the left: Most Popular: Extensions by extension release download button klicks descending, 10 at a time
Enhancement to add downloads from extension manager updates is in progress.
  • Link on the left: Most Recent: Extensions last changed - doesn't take changes on an extension release into account, 10 at a time
  • Box on the left: weighted tags, the more teh tag is used, the bigger it appears, alphabetical, limited to 20
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