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There exists a staging server for OpenOffice.org extensions, where new versions of the website are evaluated.
The current motivation is to move the current first implementation of the website to a seperated drupal module - so the change should not show any differences.
The current implementation on http://extensions.services.openoffice.org modified some drupal modules directly instead of 'hooking' into it.
Main advantage would be a better version upgrade possibility of drupal and with that we'll get working localized pages, also for not logged in users.
The staging site may be down sometimes, or not accessible for everyone.

Current state is: open: http://ooo-extensions.osuosl.org/

I did some testing and feel quite ok with it right now. If you find some inconsistency, do not hesitate to post a message: website@extensions.openoffice.org


  • Not all binaries are available, due to space limit. Available are:
  • Registration is not possible, use your existing account from the extension website - which is not your OOo website login.
  • Database/ Website content is from about 11/2009.
  • Caching of pages is currently deactivated, so it might feel a little slow on loading a page.


  • 'Lighter' frame around extensions
  • Colors update to be the same as on template site http://templates.services.openoffice.org
  • Upload of an extension release changed;
  • Data that will be put into the update feed for the Ooo extensionmanager is shown to the extension owner on the release page of his binary.

Main Testing areas:

  • Creating an extension, uploading a release, download.
  • Browsing and downloading as a not logged in user.

Further steps:

  • Put it onto the main site http://extensions.services.openoffice.org in the next weeks.
  • Extract translation informations of the website UI and put/update on pootle server.
  • Migrate login to use the OOo login credentials (as already working on the template site)
  • Make extension description page translatable
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